How the Kondoed Method is Changing My Life


Does it Bring Me Joy? (How the KonMari method is changing my life) - Life Made Full {I am reading this book right now, and it is WONDERFUL!!! A quote from this article: 'I asked myself, “If I were to die today, would my kids be interested in this? What about 20 years from now? Would they want this?”'}:


Cleaning room by room isn’t efficient. Clean by category, not by location. | Here's Exactly How To Clean Your House After A Breakup:

Chances are you’re familiar with by now, the thirty-year-old decluttering queen from Japan who shot to fame stateside for her game-changing book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. With two million copies sold worldwide and a seemingly endless slew of articles about her unique organization method, often referred to as “Kondo-ing, “ Kondo has seduced us all with her tips for a simpler lifestyle that results in less stuff and more joy.

So when The New Yorker recently spent the day with her at Anthropologie to receive a primer on mindful shopping, we were beyond thrilled! As ladies surrounded by the coolest new items on the market, it can be tough to reel in our spending habits and to know if we’re actually making smart choices. The items sitting in our closets untouched seem to indicate that our process needs work, and who better to guide us than Marie Kondo?

Aimless shopping is a no-no. You should only approach a store (or website) when you need something specific, and it’s important to visualize your ideal version of that item before you begin to avoid settling for something subpar or buying something totally different.

Most of the items you buy belong in one sphere of your life, but not necessarily the other. Think work vs. play clothes, and the like. Make sure to assess what sphere you’ll be wearing the new item in most, because that will help dictate your choice. Otherwise, you may end up with pieces that are too tight or short for the office, or “casual wear” that’s actually pretty high-maintenance.

Just like Kondo advises for her house-cleaning method, it’s important to touch everything you might buy. Potential purchases should spark joy and excitement when you feel them, and if they don’t then they’re not worth your money.



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