How to declutter your wardrobe | Marie Kondo how to videos


singing its praises. Having read it – and done the method for the day – I think it works because she is so passionate about tidying, writing about how you need to love every single thing you own (or throw it away).

She also tidies in a different way to other declutter books. Instead of going room by room, you go category by category (e.g. all clothes, wherever they live, all paperwork and so on). This is her revolutionary method of folding and storing in drawers (her favourite piece of storage furniture). You may baulk at folding all your clothes so they stand upright, you may think you don’t have time. But just do it in one drawer, and you’ll see…

1) First, take every item clothing out of the wardrobe, drawers, loft, underbed storage and so on. Then hold each one in your hands, and discard each one that doesn’t ‘spark joy’.

2) Kondo is a big fan of folding over hanging, for space saving. She makes some big promises (‘The act of folding… is an act of caring, an expression of love and appreciation for the way these clothes support your lifestyle’). But there’s no denying her folding method may just change you life. ‘The key is to store things standing up rather than laid flat.’ Wrinkles, she says, come from storing things on top of each other.

3) ‘First fold each lengthwise side of the garment towards the centre and tuck thes sleeves in to make a rectangular shape… Next, pick up one end and fold it towards the other end. Then fold again so it’s exactly the height of the drawer it’s being stored in. The result? You can see every piece of clothing when you open the drawer!



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