4- KonMari (Marie Kondo’s) Method of Tidying– Books!


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KonMari Tidying: Shoes & Bags! https://youtu.be/28BxLCZUXWg
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To see some great videos on the KonMari tidying method, I suggest you check out Lavendaire’s YouTube Channel and blog:

▸ How to Tidy the KonMari Way– http://bit.ly/1KgZOlh
▸ How to Fold – Playlist– http://bit.ly/1IwZzoR

Book: “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” by Marie Kondo;


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  1. Nancy Mutzl

    You can safely part with the nursing books. Your instructors will assign the appropriate books for your RN program. Thought processes are different between levels of nursing and you do not want to use books that interfere with that transition. This advise comes from w 16 year RN.

  2. RainbowRamble21

    You don't look happy in this video. I understand where you are coming from with what you are saying in the end, but I do not full hearty agree 🙂

    I believe that the reason why humans grow is because there is something that makes us interested, curious or happy. I don't know if you love your job, I hope you do and that it is the reason that you want to get better at it, so instead of looking at the books you have as "should read" and "need to have on hand" why not try to look through some of the ones you have already read and just keep the ones you liked and felt worked? 🙂

    I also love language and have been beating myself up about not doing enough with my french and Japanese home study, to the point that I did non of it, my solution was to priorities one (Japanese) and let franch go for now. I got rid of the books I have about french, so I could focus all my time to Japanese which means that I have finally learned one of the 3 alphabets 🙂 In Denmark we have a saying which does like this: "you cannot sit on two chairs" which translate to the fact that you will sit really badly or will at one point fall in between.

    I believe you will be happier if you let go (for now) on the things you know now you will not be getting to, unless the book itself when you look at it sparks joy, then you can put it at your shelf and smile at it every time you look at it. Because we all grow something we like now, might not make us happy later. Look at it like you are freeing yourself now, so that you can pursue everything in the future. I hope it helps :)

  3. Katherine Green

    I'm a little late on the KonMari train, but seeing your process has really inspired me. I really feel like you have grown so much from your first video on "Kondo'ing" clothes. And with this video, the thoughts you shared about your books really got me thinking. Maybe I would like to read some of the not-so-fun books in life, so that I can be a quality and valuable person too. :)

  4. Gina Pearson

    Hinds Feet in High Places is an AMAZING book~ but I must say, I hope you are not making things harder on yourself….I just found you this morning bc you popped up in my feed. But, to me, it seemed I heard a heaviness come over you when you started keeping the " I need/should read these books…..Soul Matters is also a good book, and I am guessing you are a believer due to having these two books in your life…..KonMari nor the Lord would want you to feel OBLIGATED or stressed by keeping something, if that makes any since. and….LOL>>>>saying those two words in comparison just cracked me up….bc I am coming into this process quite skeptical due in part to my belief….we shall see~ gonna go watch your other videos….:)~

  5. doubledancer

    You have such lovely energy! Your patients are very lucky to have your heart felt presence….Totally enjoyed your video- very supportive to my own process of clearing books… 

  6. SafePet Haven

    While I found Kond's first book quite extreme in what and how she strongly recommended getting rid of many things, with ONLY the joy/no-joy criteria, I'm not sure she'd have a problem with the slightly different concept of keeping items that may not directly "spark joy", but there are legitimate tools [such as your text books] that are directly involved for you to achieve the real goals you are actively working to achieve [R.N. degree], or that person you're striving to be [photographer, landscape expert, etc.]. I had to part with my massive and beloved books in increments over decades for several reasons and in different stages, as my own life, maturity, and priorities changed. That was before there were so many options for digitized versions available to keep the content but not be required to make physical shelf space for them all. In any case, it's good progress for a first-pass. And congratulations to your mom for purging so many of her book collection – way to go!

    Would it help to use equivalent audio books for the Spanish-for-medical-providers study/practice? – either in your vehicle or on a mobile device?

    I've done the audio option [previously on cassette tape, then on audio CD, now streaming from online] when I just wanted to read popular books that I could check out for free from the public library, and listen to in the car while commuting a great deal during that phase of my life. They were not serious study type books, just reading for pleasure or inspiration that I could listen to while doing mindless tasks such as folding clothes, prepping food, dusting [just not loud vacuuming], etc.

    Aww — @ 3:56 Kitty just wants to "help" ;-)) Your Pepper is beautiful! I had a charcoal grey tuxedo cat, a literal rescue from the alley; at 6 months old & wild as a March hare, he was nearly dead from distemper but my wonderful veterinarian saved him and he was my faithful companion for the next 18 years after he tamed up a bit. Still miss him. RIP, my Pepper: [1975-1993].

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