1. Candace Murray

    Saw Marie Kondo on the 'Today Show' this morning, what an inspiration; to not only organize our things, but to treat our space and things we own with respect and love.  It really wants me to go and enjoy what I have purchased.  Time to tidy my desk! Cheers!!

  2. youngsatchmo

    Marie totally stole my method, the one I invented independently. The only thing is that I throw away much more things, and I have virtually no items on my desk beside my keyboard and mouse.

  3. njuta

    Marie is so thoughtful and caring with everything. I feel like I'm too sentimental but she makes me feel like I can let go of a lot of those little trinkets and tchotchkes I have collected.

  4. Vivian

    I organized my closet with her folding technique and oooh my lord. The difference is amazing. <3
    (Perhaps a tip for future videos: The English dub was actually distracting and frustrating to listen to. I personally know Ms. Kondo has a very lovely voice and it would've been so much more pleasant to hear her speak in Japanese, with English subs instead of been covered up by a voice-over dub.)

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