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I’m Chris Chien, artist, teacher and entrepreneur. Project Lifecoach is about learning, experimenting, taking action, and making a positive impact on the world. I create candid videos that show my learning process – and hope to connect with people in an authentic way.

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  1. monica tamagri christian

    Hello there, glad I came across this video… perfect to share with my 3 teenage daughters… This has sparked motivation for me and was simply put… Great video to help implement with my girls… Thank You for Sharing!!!😆

  2. joeblowthehot

    by the looks of things you are ALREADY a very tidy and organized person..especially your files..Ha love the FLEET enema box HA!! Take pictures of your artwork..for your memories..thats what i did when i cleared everything out..BUT that might not be your thing…

  3. Crystal Campbell

    I"m a little confused…

    I have items I use for work… books, clothes. The clothes don't bring me joy, but I wear them to work. I have a printer and a scanner. The take up room and are bulky. They don't bring me joy, but they are used.

    So, I guess I'm asking how I can base everything on whether it brings me joy when there are items I have because they are necessary for other reasons.

  4. Hillary Dunkley

    I can definitely relate to the family thing. I think this might be an issue with cultures that are very family oriented? We're Jamaican and My mother especially finds it hurtful when she sees me throw anything away so converting to minimalism was a process that ironically included others when it's a lifestyle that should only pertain getting rid of items t at are minimal to you and only you. By the time I finished my closet, I ended up with 3 full garbage bags and 5 bags by the time I finished my room haha

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