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Here is a review of the amazing book by MARIE KONDO : The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It has helped me clean up and organize not only my house, but my life. The concept is simple. The item brings joy or it’s OUT. …. I will take you on a tour of my bedroom closet and show you the Konmarie system in real time…
After recently moving, I realized that I was dragging 4 boxes of family papers, trinkets and housewares …since my fathers death in 2011, I also own boxes of things from my grandmother that my mother had inherited…3 generations of sentimental clutter to haul around! While some things are nostalgic, most of the contents were not to my taste or held little value to my lifestyle or interests.
I read somewhere that you should take a photo of an item just before you let it go. That way, you have “it” in some form. Time to let go, but can I release family heirlooms to eBay? Can I donate Gram’s gravy boat to Goodwill? Is Mom’s geneology book still in my basement? Find out in this video…full of silliness and for the first time on YouTube…my tears… GET READY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

If you want to send your purged stuff to ThredUp, here is a link. You may find something nice that you love on the site to replace what you get rid of. The link gives you $20 credit to spend. Have fun!
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The ENTIRE Audio version of Marie Kondo’s book! :

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Marie on Stage Explaining her Method:

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Folding Shirts Marie’s Way:

Folding Pants Marie’s Way:

Folding Sweaters and Hoodies Marie’s Way:

Decluttering Home Décor’ using Marie’s Method:

Decluttering the Kitchen using Marie’s Method:

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  1. Jo-Ann Mitchell

    Wow! I really loved this..I am in tears, I was also exec. of my mothers will as well and can totally relate to everything you were saying..Great stuff, i got to get the book..You are such a beautiful person Kathy! Thank you, Hugs Xo

  2. lindalu19

    How is it possible that I didn't know about your channel? I've subbed. I just bought the book 2 weeks ago and I've been doing the JOY process. It's liberating isn't it? You made a major scale down, didn't you?! I'm with you on the undies, granny all the way! Lol I have a long way to go but, it's been a good process. Shocking yourself with the sight of how much we have is very powerful for me. It made me feel both blessed and ashamed at the same time. I'll be watching your videos from now on. Now if someone could give me more time! Lol. Xxoo.

  3. Joanna R

    I needed this video Kathy!  I can relate on so many levels, especially regarding your parents' things.  I lost both my parents within less than a year and a half, and was left executor after dad passed last year.  I had to sell two homes in two different states my dad had mortgages on, his home where he suddenly died and the other in Colorado where my mom passed from terminal cancer.  It was especially HARD to make decisions about mom's things.  I was alone in all of this with a brother out of state where I now reside.  So I had to relocate quickly, but in the process it was SO painful having to essentially sell my mother's furniture, including the bedroom set she so loved and spent her last days surrounded by.  I did keep her armoire and wall unit as well as a loveseat.  The loveseat I now question why I took and paid moving costs for; should have sold it.  I now realize none of their "things" are needed here.  They used them, enjoyed them, and after they left here, it was time to leave the things behind.  I completely understood when you got teary eyed, and you do feel like you are giving "them," your parents,  away.I need to read this book and go through major changes, and yes, I kept things from mom and dad which I will have to go through again and just let go.  The stuff is NOT them, the stuff is NOT them, the stuff is NOT them…..

  4. Elizabeth B SoCal

    I have not watched entire video yet but just had to say (before I forget) – that I went to US Festival 83 too! That was my high school grad gift from my parents. Ok, now off to watch the rest of the video. 🙂 ~Elizabeth

  5. DovePsalms

    I am a long time subby but somehow missed this vid..I Sooo needed to hear your words tonight. Over the last few yrs Ive downsized from a two story house, to a one bedroom apt and now to a 10×12 bedroom in a relatives house.  Ive had to let go of so many things so fast that I have hoarding tendencies.  If I had that book to coach me thru the emotional decisions, I think I would have a healthier attachment to "things"..as in NO attachment.  Today I am living on disability due to chronic illness and do not have any extra money to replace items that I may "one day" need! My question to this forum is has anyone regretted letting go of something ?   I don't have much really but I know I don't even love half the crap I have…so here I sit..Dar

  6. Marissa Valdez

    Kathy, this spoke to me sooo much because I have actually seen this book pop somewhere else. (not on Youtube) I have been in the process of cleaning out a closet and all my makeup and it has been overwhelming but watching you simplified it for me. If it doesn't bring me joy…get rid of it! I realized all the "stuff" i have had an emotional attachment to and I was brought to tears the first few minutes watching you! Bless your heart for sharing your heart and struggle too! By the way, I love Bobby Sherman too! xoxo

  7. Strikkelise Needles

    Loved the video. You're doing a great job with all your things!

    I have gone through purgings several times and I still have too much stuff. I'm just starting to learn that I don't have to be the "keeper" like you are talking about. Last year I donated my grandmother´s dinner set that hadn´t been used for years.

    Btw. I love that (corduroy?) blueish patterned shirt that came after the aqua cardi.

  8. Trish W

    Hi Kathy, I just returned and am starting to watch my fave YouTubers. I was very interested in this video when you said you would be reviewing it and glad to see you posted it. I'm going to buy this book. Great tips and video. You had me laughing at your funny comments and tearful at the sentimental parts. I think it added value to the video to see how hard it is to part with some things but that in the end it is okay.

  9. Jennifer Myers

    I watched this twice. I could write an essay on this topic, really. (Don't worry I'll spare you lol.) In short, thank you for making the video and giving such heartfelt encouragement to everybody. You are absolutely right; it's just stuff. Material objects are mere tokens attached to memories, but they are not the memories themselves! And while they may represent certain people in our lives, they are not our loved ones. Our loved ones are our loved ones! And those loving memories, all that intangible "stuff" — that is really all that matters. xox

  10. BrownEyedGirlCherise

    Kathy, what a great video. This video had me on a roller coaster ride from laughing so hard everytime you put a caption about the sweater you were wearing to tears when you speaking about your sentimental items. It's a very hard thing to let go of items that are reminders of your loved ones that are no longer here with you. You made a lot of sense when you were talking about that entire topic. I notice that I put a sentimental value on almost all things I have but in reality, they are just that "things". I've been decluttering as well but this made me think about certain things in a new way. Thank you for sharing yourself and your heart with us. Much love, Cherise. xoxoxo

  11. Φιλίππος Φιλύρινος

    I believe that nothing is intrinsically valuable. Things are deemed valuable for being either needed or loved or simply gotten used to. In that sense: An item that belonged to a loved one may seem valuable because the affection gets projected onto the thing.

    If you are afraid of forgetting — let's say — your trip to Atlantic City when having lost the stupid souvenir you have bought there, then that trip sure was not memorable enough to really cherish. And what holds true for places should hold true for people all the more.

    Then again, saying (or rather typing) this: Do I really go with it?

    Affection is not arithmetic, it is … irrational. By definition. Period.

  12. Martini Chip

    Oh Kathy, this was such a helpful video and the timing couldn't be better. I am going the same thing with stuff from my dad, my grandparents, my uncle, my mom and her genealogy and knitting etc. It is very emotional! I have a large home so I can keep a lot but I feel it's too much. But the guilt is overcoming. Thank you for helping me with this!

  13. Life “life and moments” and moments

    Sweet Kathy, you've brought me the right tool to help me breathe peacefully just by listening to you. It's quite funny because I am tidying up at the moment but can't let the past go. I will try to listen to your wonderful advice. If I'm not able to let go, I hope I will remember watching your video again. Thank you so much for this magic and yet VERY emotional moment. I would love to read the book : Marie Kondo : Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I definitely need it. Love you dearly, Nadine xoxoxo

  14. LittlePoet

    Kathy 🙂 I just ordered The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up because of your video. I really enjoyed it. I watched it in two parts and loved watching you go through your clothes! You have wonderful taste! I am going to start with my clothes this week-end. It's scary! Thank you so much for this video 🙂 I loved it….I alos have to say that may take me awhile to get my head around parting with things that were my Mother's…but I know I should. I'm glad you talked about that.~ Susan

  15. iTube Health and Beauty TV

    This is an awesome video! 🙂 Very moving and inspiring. I was willing you to throw certain clothes away, and you did 🙂 I have been struggling to get myself going at sorting through many years of stagnant 'stuff. The paperwork and personal mementos will be hardest for me. Thank you for the audio link.

  16. Mia444

    My problem with keeping clothes is I'm frugal so it bugs me to throw stuff out (I'm sure many can relate). But, emboldened by this video, I think I'll try to toss some stuff tomorrow! BTW, I think you're too hard on yourself. You don't look preggo and I think that sweater you're wearing is pretty (I adore color!). I related to your parent comments, as I just lost my dad a few months ago (Mom is still around, but in very frail health). Hugs!

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