Small Closet Organizing Tips Tricks & Ideas – Marie Kondo


Video to help organize your wardrobe, clothes and shoes with tips from Marie Kondo.

Closet Cleaning Tips Ideas & Tricks – Konmarie Method Of Home Organizing.

Marie Kondo is an organization expert from Japan and in her famous book The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up chronicles her method of cleaning the clutter from your home and your life. She promises that if you follow her method of cleaning and organizing you will never go back to clutter and disorganization again.

Her method has been called the Konmarie method. In the book she shares her genius home cleaning ideas which then lead to some equally amazing home organization tips and tricks.
This Marie Kondo video talks about a few key amazing tips to keep your cupboard, clothes, shoes and bags organized.

Also included are my own Marie Kondo home cleaning and home organization, before and after pictures.

Home Cleaning & Organizing, the Marie Kondo Way : https://youtu.be/13V7FhhKzxc



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