The Marie Kondo KonMari Method- Cleaning out my Closets (before and after)


My experience using the Konmari method after reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.



  1. SundaysChild1966

    Seasonal Clothing in bins .. where I live, north eastern Ontario, Canada .. it can get down to minus 45C in winter and as high as +32C in summer (that's about minus 45F and +89F). We have windchill and humidex on top of that. It takes a HUGE variety of clothing to live here in any kind of comfort. I don't want to even look at down-filled parkas and big heavy boots in summer! lol I also have extra winter blankets and down duvets that are packed away. No amount of convincing will get me to part with them. It's just a part of life here. :-)

  2. Mary Morgan

    I also want to say you are extremely brave to do this process. I am intrigued by this method of decluttering and organizing. My closet resembles yours' quite a bit, and I have been avoiding the organizing/clean out process. You have given me inspiration that I can do it! I am hunting her book used online right now and plan to get started soon!

  3. Mary Morgan

    There is an organization that, if you do not want to keep your bridal gown, allows you to donate it. Talented seamstresses take the gowns and turn them into burial gowns for premies and infants who pass away. It sounds somewhat morbid, but the work they do is lovely and a gift to the grieving parents.

  4. teenauh

    Crazy insane unnecessary ….omg. That is so me. Thanks for sharing. I have so much stuff so always looking for videos with lots of stuff. I have read the book and will read one more time before I star.t. Good job!

  5. Hon Min

    3 months later, have you been able to keep it up? Do you think twice about buying new clothes so that you don't buy a second exactly the same jacket for example? If you wear UGG boots, where are winter jackets and scarves? Will you film accessories?

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