How To Organize a Small Linen Closet


Linen Closet Makeover! I finally reorganized my Linen Closet this week… and you wondered why you were seeing a “towel organizing” video from me haha. Yep, cleared out all the unnecessary clutter, properly folded all my linens and gave it a fresh new look with only a few simple bins, jars and ideas. Now it’s a delightful part of our little cottage, that we both enjoy getting into everyday.

Thanks for watching!



  1. AwsomeCakes

    omg you have such a nice theme to your bathroom. I get the feeling beachy maybe? Really pure freshh white, with little pops of color here and there. My bathroom is coral, like a really bright, bursting pink coral. I want a nice, soft beach paradise theme. What color should I paint my bathroom? Just wondering.

  2. Carla Kappel

    Love this!! I am moving into a bigger but older home next month. The closets and vanities are outdated. I can't wait I to use your tips and maybe I'll tape it or at least take pics. For home organizing have you heard of AtHomeWithNikki
    She is awesome. Has the best organizing videos.

  3. swaggalicious3609

    Your video was very inspiring, very sophisticated! I love watching you work for magic😃Thanks for sharing your ideas for those who want to spruce up their abode. Some people waste their precious time posting empty wrds instead of using them wisely @Eva Magnusson.

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