Key Takeaways from The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up


My key takeaways, learnings and tips relating to the konmari method of tidying / the life changing magic of tidying up.

In this video I go through a decent summary of the key points in the book, what to look out for when you’re going through the process AND what benefits you’ll get if you go through the konmari method.

Sorry for the late video! Lately life a bit too crazy for me to deal with. Thanks for sticking around xoxox

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  1. Fiona Joyce

    Oh wow. Just found you because I'm a slug today (that video froze on me or I'd be commenting how much I love it there!!!) and your aesthetic is literally everything I've been wanting to watch. Amazing.

  2. JulieIntheSky

    I read this book because of your videos and I'll be forever grateful! This book has been the perfect start to change my life to what I really want.
    Your videos are awesome and your other channel has helped me so much too!

  3. Yana P

    Decluttering your phone/ apps you don 't use, or 2-3 apps with the same content; emails that you are subscribed. And, i think, it s important to declutter bad habits in general 🙂 .

  4. vinmama

    This is my favorite summary of KonMari. My biggest breakthrough was having all things together, books and papers. Things I love can be on display instead of hidden in box for safekeeping. I found a box with items wrapped in newspaper dated 2005.

  5. blankpaper

    I think you described the Konmari method so perfectly for anyone interested in trying it! I definitely think that "knowing what you own" and not wanting to bring anything into your space that "doesn't make sense" are the two main benefits of Konmari. The whole process is very freeing I think. You don't feel weighed down by the things you own and you are less subject to the temptation of buying things you don't need. Oh and random side note, I'm loving your eye make-up! 😊

  6. ophelia fay

    Everyone, you HAVE to read this book. My room had such a negative vibe and was full of random crap I've been attached to for years. This method really makes you question EVERYTHING you own and when you start filling up those bags (I always have a general waste, recycling & charity shop bag), it's such an uplifting feeling. Now my room's tidy I already see things that I kept the first time round and I want to clear out again!!

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