KonMari Method- DECLUTTERING ALL Paper


Hey Guys…I’m continuing to apply the KonMari Method to DECLUTTER my home and the next category is ALL Paper…
Since I am a paper Hoarder, I had to tackle a little at a time over a 30 day period and check out how many trash bags were filled…Whoa!!!

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  1. Diane Maher

    This is my favorite video of yours! I have tried to make progress on the clothing and books just so I could get to the paper, but am not doing as well as I'd like. I watch all your videos for inspiration, but am hung up on just the clothing. I can't seem to make things move out when I am done with a category. I don't have a lot of space and can't stand to trip over stuff. Tripping over stuff is usually what it takes for me to get moving on decluttering. Clothing is hard. I would think that paper would be easier for me. I just need to make it that far! :)

  2. Jeanne Bowes

    I am now extremely mindful of what I purchase in what packaging and bring into my home. I have always beed frugal and organizd but have tweaked my home by using the Kon Mari method on a daily editing basis. My home is very easy to maintain as well as cheerful. I have enjoyed all your videos and have gotten a kick out of your husband. We are senior citizens and my husbands admires your husbands practicality.

  3. DarahSmile

    My husband and I recently moved into our first trailer home. We have three roommates here as well. I'm a craft hoarder… Lol… So I have been doing the Konmari method after watching some of your videos:) thank you:) we have gone through our clothes together so far and I decluttered parts of the kitchen. I can't believe we moved so much from our apartment and my parents house! Wish I knew the method before we decided to move. Thank you again for bringing this method into my life:)

  4. Sung Pak

    Dear TJ
    I love watching your videos. There is something soothing about them. I came across your video by way of Kon Mari decluttering. I first thought you were crazy but as I watched more of your videos, I came to appreciate your personality and your energy. I just watched your very personal story of why you needed Marie kondo. I am so sorry about what you and your husband is going thru.

    I am also on my journey of decluttering. It's been over a year and half. I started on this journey with my twin sister beginning of 2015. I purchased the book and sent it to her after I read it. She was 13 hours time zone away. She would send me pictures and I would send her pictures. Tragically, my sister was killed along with her husband and their two kids in an auto accident. I then had to deal with all her and her family's belonging. After dealing with her stuff, I had to go on this journey myself. If I could meet Marie kondo, I would hug her and never let her go. She had the most influence in my life so far. She helped me go thru my grief and let go.

    I hope you and your husband find your happiness. I think you are very courageous . Thank you

  5. nancybrooklyn

    At least your paper clutter was organized! I don't know how you had the energy to do 19 bags in one day!?! Amazing..! I can only do one bag of shredding a day! Thanks for the movitational video on paper clutter and shredding!

  6. Susan Farr

    I'm just finishing my konmari paper category and was looking online for a little inspiration to keep me motivated at the end and I found your video. Thanks for your honest sharing. Just what I needed to push on through…..

  7. IMR IMR

    Im thinking that instead of takling all the paper , that we would focus on what is the most important things to have , so one box put contracts , house car and whatever you purchased, insurances and some tax papers whatever is of importance then you can takle the rest..You probably will throw it all out.

  8. 1974kelvo

    That's a serious amount of paper you have there, need a bigger shredder! I didn't realise just how much of a paper hoarder I was either until my girlfriend and I had a serious decluttering session a few weeks ago, finally ended up with three bags of stuff we shredded – they stood proudly like big shiny soldiers in a line in the garage ready to go for recycling. Got rid of loads of other stuff as well, magazines going back years that I had simply put away, had I even looked at them or needed them in the last 10 – 15 years? Nope, so got rid of at least five boxes. Tough knowing where to start but rewarding watching the last of it going into the recycling skip.

  9. Divya Bhatt

    This was very informative.. I like the detailing in your videos, you mention every little thing, and hence its very easy to relate with you, coz most people will see the costco coupons, extra envelopes and will go 'Hey I do that too!'! So I thoroughly enjoyed ALL your videos! Just one thing, I just hope all the shredded paper was recycled.

  10. Ada Gonzalez, ND

    So funny and true. I am going to start paper this weekend. I just did clothes and books this past week. I was scared of paper because I have so much but I think you had more. Thanks for sharing your insights and hilarious wisdom!

  11. Becky Fischer

    Thank you for doing your paper purging the way you did because now I know how I will do it. I don't have the space to pull it all & put it on the floor. I also learned from you that I don't have to do it all at once. Thank you again.

  12. Remy

    I've dreaded doing my paperwork for sohhh long and just couldn't make myself even start it. It all seemed too hard and overwhelming. So, in an attempt to renew my enthusiasm and find inspiration to continue my decluttering as I enter the paperwork stage, I searched to see if you had done a video on paperwork. Thank you! it worked….I'm doing it. I'm about half way through, but just watching you deal with it has made it a much easier task for me. Thank you for sharing your process.

  13. Diane Binns

    You are just so awesome! Love all your video's. Love the one with your dog. A specially the one: When he had attacked his toy. My Patches does the same thing. I laughed so hard. Keep on making those video's . I am listen.

  14. Arizona Girl

    Good girl! You're doin great. You are inspiring me. I have a problem with collecting cook books. I love them. But I would be happier to spend the money on other things. Thanks for sharing.

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