How To Organize Your Closet!


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  1. Miikairi013

    OMG THANK GOD LOL I DO THT ALL THE TIME & My sister thinks im werid tht i do tht -_- i share a closet with my older sister. I always do by color shortsleves to longsleves, light to dark ^-^ even my drawers i set them to color 🙂 Someone understands me!! :D

  2. rebeccadenae

    for my scarves, i take shower curtain rings (the 'snap' kind) and attach them to the bottom part of the hanger and hang the scarves from them. works great and saves a bunch of room:)

  3. Esther Imbula

    Thank you Anna for making this video. It truly inspired me and now I feel like trying some organisation tips that you just talked about. I'm happy to say that I store my scarves the same way as you showed :)

  4. 52lovelight

    I enjoyed this Anna! I have a nice walk-in closet and I also arrange everything according to color and item. All my shirts are on one bar, all skirts together, all sweaters together, all pants…yada. Then, I keep the colors together, such as all navy tops together, all black…yada. I have NOTHING folded..my scarfs are wrapped around hangars and I even hung a few bras and a slip. LOL But, I have nothing folded (only undergarments). I used to have folded tops/sweaters ~ in an Amoire.

  5. ThePinkHeel

    I already organize my clothes in a similar way. I go by color, then thickness and then have separate categories for shirts & tops / pants / dresses & skirts / scarves / exercise gear / house clothes & pjs / undies…
    This is throughout my closet & drawers…

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