KonMari Organization | Bathroom 1/3 Kid’s Bath


Hello Friends! Take a look at how I organized the first of three bathrooms in our home using the KonMari method, and specifically tips provided in Marie Kondo’s newest book, Spark Joy.
This bathroom is primarily used by our three small children and on occasion, company. I aimed to keep the organization simple, using existing aids like containers that I had on hand, and efficient so the changes made will last. I feel hugely successful in the small, yet significant alternations made.

This series, by times, does differ from my first KonMari process in that I’m using her book, Spark Joy, as a guide but also making my own organizational changes where useful.


**New videos will be posted weekly in this series!

I’d love for you to join me in this journey – it will be fun and motivating. All positive, constructive and well-intended comments are welcome in the spirit of helping myself and others during this series! I would love your input, suggestions, feedback – including how I’m organizing this series.

Cheers to better, more organized days ahead!

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  1. Shari Puddicombe (Busy Mama)

    Looks great Janine! I love that idea of the upside down container to keep the kids' toothbrush containers from moving around inside the drawer, how clever! Another idea, if you have some, is to use shelf liner, especially the rubbery, anti-slip kind, to line the drawer with. The containers should not slip around on the rubberized texture. I actually use rubberized placemats I picked up at the dollar store as they are the perfect fit for my drawers, and are very budget friendly. That would then free up that space in your drawer now occupied by the container if you wanted to store something else behind the toothbrushes. Easy to clean too, just remove the liner, rinse it under the tap and wipe it down, then once dry, back in the drawer it goes! :)

  2. Myeverydaywifelife

    I am doing a room by room month by month organization, so I will so be following you for some tips! Not sure Kon Mari is for me but I enjoyed watching your purging videos last year, which is going to help me this year when I purge room by room! Thanks Darling! Love the shower curtain!

  3. my2jedi

    I love pouches and bags, too… I couldn't stay organized without them at home or when travelling. The mesh laundry bag is also great for the beach/lake. Toys, goggles, and "found" items such as shells or rocks can all get dunked or hosed off and are dry in a hurry.

  4. Erika D

    I love the way you have the toothbrushes and toothpaste organized! keeping them all separated instead of using a toothbrush holder would probably be a little more sanitary as well as teach them to care for their own things.

  5. Michele W

    Everything is so neat and so well organized. Looks like a super easy system to maintain! I wasn't even aware Kon Marie had a second book….I'm feeling like an ostrich right now (must've had my head in the sand lately?!). Lol

  6. Judith Janssen

    Looks fantastic! One question: aren't you afraid the kids are going to explore the cleaning supplies and accidentily drink of it? They have free acces (is that the word in English? 🤔). When my children were younger, I had everything out of reach. Some drama stories happened at families I know… Don't want that to happen to your lovely children 💕.

  7. linda chapman

    Great way to organize a room, I love like you the idea of containers, there a brilliant idea, keeps everything confined where you put it, and stops a mess which I hate, thanks for this hun very neat and tidy great job xxx

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