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How To Organize Your Closet

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More Notes on How to Organize Your Closet by Color

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How To Organize Your Closet
Organize A Closet
Learn to Organize a Closet
Organizing Closet



How To; Organize Your Closet & Drawers (Updated)

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Organize your Closet and Simplify

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I had to clear out my closet for a re-do since we totally messed it up hiding presents this yr. for our kids…first step clear out your closet totally! next get rid of clothes you don’t wear.. that way clothes you do wear have somewhere to go once they are clean! Closet so far…Santa won’t come to a dirty room. Merry Christmas to all!

Kevin MacLeod crative commons incompetech.com



My (Realistic) Closet Tour — How I Store My Clothes After Completing The KonMari Method

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I know a lot of people are sick of seeing huge, beautiful closets in immaculate mansions (*cough* staged *cough*), so I wanted to share how I store my clothes after completing the KonMari Method in a completely “average”, authentic way.

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5 Easy Self-Care Tips | Tyler Oakley

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