Konmari Tidying Journey | CLOTHES & WARDROBE


Following the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up to declutter / tidy my closet & clothing the Konmari way xoxox

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  1. Mrs M

    I don't know if you have an Ikea near you but they sell boxes and baskets that would fit on your wardrobe shelves. You could then fold your clothes and store them the Konmari way without them falling over. Also, having done this myself, it looks very neat and tidy. Also, I don't know what kind of bed you have but if you have room under it you can also buy thinner boxes with wheels to put your bedding in and store it under you bed out of the way. The boxes  have lids to keep the bedding from getting dusty. Just some ideas for you.

  2. Layla Jonhs

    I loved this video !! About to go and organize my closet as well 🙂 quick question – i saw a gorgeous grey jacket / coat in your closet – where is it from ? Thank you !!

  3. soup

    so fucking crazy how ppl have such amounts of clothes. When i was i teen i remember i owned about similar amounts, now i would be like supeeer anxious if i had that much. i havent embarked this kon mari thing but maybe i could tidy a bit more and throw some things away. My wardrome has only favourite clothes but i feel like random rubbish and not even rubbish but nice things have taken a lot of space in my small apartment.

  4. Jessica R-E

    If I were in your shoes, I'd have lined the folded shirts up against the back of the shelf, like books. That way they support each other and stay upright and you can still see all of your items at a glance. That's just me, though, we're all going through this journey finding what works best for us individually~ so what works for me might not be ideal for you. lol

  5. Samantha Salazar

    When you brought up purchasing items, I have a suggestion. There is a method where "you buy, you give". For example, if you buy three new items, you have to give away three items you already have, before putting your new items away. I hope I helped (:

  6. Holeh Pocket

    I've just read the book too! I got through clothes, paper, books, and started komono, but i'm feeling a lull, so i'm watching you tubers who are doing it! I love your videos though, so I've subscribed 🙂 I feel like maybe I need to be more ruthless with my stuff. I might go back and film my second time around for my channel! I love seeing everyone's transformations!

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