How To Clean and Organize Your Closet


Hello Everyone! I hope you all are having a great week so far. Hard to believe it’s almost the weekend already! I needed to clean and organize my closet again, I had absolutely NO space. Here are four easy steps to gain more room and make it easier to make and find outfits.

1. Take EVERYTHING out of your closet and give away the things that you do
not wear. Give away the things you are not sure about also.
2. Only put the clothes you are going to wear back in the closet.
3. Organize your clothing by color, dresses, skirts, shirts, jeans, etc…
4. Hang easily wrinkled clothing and fold the rest neatly in drawers.

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  1. MissSandyCandy Hair Stylist Tutorials

    That used to happen to me too but about a year ago, when I moved into my last apartment, I gave away 80% of my wardrobe. It actually helped me a lot because it gave me a chance to actually see my clothing. Now I can see what I have. I used to tell myself I don't want to give it away because I may wear it but that day never came. Giving away so much extra clothing felt good. It gave me a chance to start off fresh.

  2. S Yemai

    I am having a big issue with my closet, I always say maybe am gonna wear it some day… so which means I need to get rid of 80% of the closet ! will try to do it today. Hope I don't change my mind like always

  3. Kacsachan

    @misssandycandy yep, that's the problem with me as well, I've got quite a cool machine but I don't understand what the sewing books are saying – not even the sewing for dummies one (although that's more difficult for me because it's in English) – our Norvegian friend tends to teach me things 😀 shows me how to do what etc. 😀 she's coming next week for a visit so I'm all prepared for some sewing :D

  4. Kacsachan

    @misssandycandy hahhaaa!!!! I might do a sewing video when I already know what I do, how and why xD you should check secretlifeofabionerd's videos – she's doing a lot of sewing tutorials! :)

  5. Kacsachan

    @misssandycandy I'm just starting to learn how to sew – that dress was a trial & error project because I wanted to sew a costume for halloween – the dress I gave away in that swap turned out fine, the one I tried to make for the party is still unfinished as I messed it up XD I'm gonna have my "tutor" visit in a week so I'm hoping to learn some more about sewing 😀 I want to have some new summer dresses, but self-made ones 😀 

  6. jeezradz

    hey sandy! great video!

    I was just wondering where did you get the drawers from? i need plastic drawers in my closet to organize all the stuff.. please let me know where i can find good quality plastic drawers

  7. Kacsachan

    @misssandycandy yep they are pretty cool 😀 last time I added a dress that I myself sew from an old top & Tshirt and I was just curious whether the girls will notice it's not something from the shops… I was the most surprised when 2 of my friends started a fight over that dress 😀 hahhaa! let us know if you did a swap with your friends and of the results! have fun! :)

  8. Kacsachan

    good job 🙂 from time to time I organize my clothes and I think after watching your video it would not hurt to go for it again XD anyway with my friends we do these swap the clothes parties from time to time when we are organizing our clothes and there are pieces that are in good condition but we just don't wear them anymore so we get together and swap them between us – and the rest can go to charity :D

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