Konmari Method Folding Tutorial


I love the Konmari Method of folding clothes. Once you try it, you’ll never go back!!

the book is called “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” By Marie Kondo

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  1. Jennifer W

    You are adorbs (adorableness). (I agree with Julius.) And THANK YOU for the underwear tutorial. I came on here to figure out a better method for folding my husband's underwear! Problem is, he's a boxer-brief!

  2. Artemis Hunter

    Your enthusiasm is infectious! You gave me and my mom the push we needed to go out and buy the book! Today I started the first category of clothes and I went through all of my tops and bottoms. I threw out probably half of my shirts and a few of my pants. My closet and drawers are so much neater now! Your tutorial really helped me figure out how to fold everything! I can't wait to finish the category and move onto books. Thank you for inspiring me to start my tidying journey! My mom and I are both requesting more videos! :)

  3. Carolyn Roesbery

    I started to cry when I realized what a nice person you are being concerned about our sensitivities. My mother died when I was 8–  before I started to learn domestic things. My step mother was a great gift in my life but was only around for almost 3 years so who would ever teach me how to do these things? Well your videos are and I am now 60. Showing me how to fold underwear is a great kindness. You can never know how much I appreciate this

  4. kolaida

    Thank you!!! I needed that pants tutorial. Am I missing towels tutorial somewhere though? I've pared down my towels to four but I also want to gold them nicely!

  5. Kerri Z

    Thank you for your videos and tips! I just read Marie Kondo's book last week. I started on clothes yesterday. Today, I have to finish pants. The folding took me forever, but it looks so nice. :-)

  6. TheDenisedrake

    I'm just getting started on clothes– going through drawers, but not piling them all in one spot as she recommends. Did you personally go through all of your clothes at one time or did you simply go drawer by drawer?

  7. Mel Vang

    I was like really? But looking at your drawers, no pun intended, and looking at mine, it is such a big mess so I'm getting started today. Yes you inspired me to start Today in my closet and drawers. Thanks for this video!!!

  8. Eileen Fuentes

    you're adorable! 🙂 thanks for showing underwear folding. I'm the same way! it's just underwear just like you would see out in the open at the mall or Walmart! Way different than seeing underwear ON someone from sagging their pants or women trying to show their thong when they bend over in public 😂 Thank you, I'm thinking about sharing my journey on my KM process on my channel as well. Mostly to others and hold myself accountable by putting it out there. I'm working on clothes right now. clothes piles everywhere since my husband is at work – only to get a call that my in-laws are stopping by sometime between now and tonight. 😐

  9. Tara Mean

    Thank you for showing the unders. I honestly was wondering for my husband's. Just did all my clothes now working on his. He won't be too happy with me. Enjoyed your video!

  10. John Dulworth

    Beck! Thanks for the tips 🙂 You asked to share where we are in our journey…I've done the clothes clearing portion and am now loading everything back in. It's all working well using Marie's methods. You helped me understand a few necessary tweaks and details. Thank you. Where I am having trouble is with big bulky sweaters. I live in NYC – we have a lot of sweaters. I can't seem to get them to fit/stand up in my drawers and they won't fit on a shelf easily. Any tips would be helpful.

  11. Anelxander Perez

    Gorgeous man! Thanks for the info , I've put everything on my bed, now I'll start folding. Although I might need to buy some sort of boxes or drawers but if I leave the house I won't finish today, so I'll use the space I have for now. Thanks!

  12. Moon Dancer

    You are just too cute! You are my favorite person to watch for the Konmari Method. Others have such irritating voices. However, even though I like the music you're playing, it's a little annoying in the background when you are talking to us.

  13. krsshpr

    Hi Beck – I loved this video; I just started reading the book so I have not started the clean up process yet. However I too love folding clothes and was fascinated by the KonMari concept! One question though: once they are filed standing up, can you put one more stack of folded on top (in the case of a deep drawer)? Thank You for your time.

  14. Mary Gamino

    Very neat & tidy.. I can see as you go through ea. & e very item it offers a chance to decide which clothing items I would want to be rid of and donate to others who can use them. Thanks for sharing your folding techniques.. really helpful !!

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