Minimalist Journey: Discarding


Whenever I feel stressed, I clean. In this video, I go through every one of my belongings and downsize even further. My inspiration comes, in part, from Marie Kondo, auther of The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, and in part from realizing how happy I feel in a decluttered space. I also find comfort in knowing that I can adapt to any situation that life will throw at me, with limited effort.

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  1. The Minimalist Ninja

    I greatly enjoyed watching this! Living in a city and having (usually) fairly little space definitely helps with not accumulating stuff. amazing that this is all you own! makes moving places (even within the city) SO much easier! :)

  2. I'm A Mom Too, Meghan

    Ha! I love that you opened a bottle of wine for this. 🙂 I've been slowly going through our home, simplifying our environment. Posting photos on my channel of the items I'm donating has really kept me motivated to continue. 🙂
    New subscriber here. :)

  3. Idellle

    I also wanted to have a nice small apartment so I sold my ugly bookshelfs..but now I have no bookshelf and my books are in boxes and it looks uglier. I have no car :/

  4. Lisa Taylor

    Toiletries expire so check nothing is old or off. Things like face wash can actually burn your skin etc if you use it past the good dates. (On the tube top it has a set of date numbers on one side), on makeup it's on the container, or within certain timeframes of opening the item.

    I sort mine bit by bit, so clothing and shoes is one day. Office is another day and so on.

  5. Diane Bishop

    Oh my goodness, haha! That already seems like a fairly minimal amount of stuff to me. I could never bring ALL my stuff into one room and sort it in one day (as amazing as it would be to get it finished, I have been downsizing for around 8-9 months now) but I am downsizing a 4 bedroom house to emigrate to Australia so … it takes a while, lol!

  6. NancyVlogs

    I've been slowly doing this declutter. My biggest issue is clothes and shoes lol it's Sunday today and I might just go through clothes and shoes let's see haha with a glass of wine why not! 👌🏻😊

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