Organize Your Cosmetics


In this episode of Mr. Jan All In One, Steve explains how he organizes his cosmetics for easy storage and selection based on time of year or skin condition.


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  1. Georgana Romano

    I just totally love this video. Organization also relieves stress. Any advice on having two houses one in California and one in Vegas regarding organization, not just your skincare. I think your very handsome too.Thank you!

  2. Melissa Emerson

    Awwaah, I just love Ms Scarlett, she is adorable. Atho, she doesn't look thrilled to be in the video….lol.
    Really like the way you're wearing your hair now Steve. Thanks again for some really great ideas… Need to do this for my WHOLE HOME !! I love organazation, and purging unnecessary stuff. You are just the inspiration I needed.
    Melissa E

  3. Ada Wila

    Hi! I really enjoy watching and learning from your very helpful and informative videos! 🙂 You are a very refreshing person to watch and listen to! And you inspire me to take better care of myself, more specifically my face (not that I don't already but…lol)! I was wondering, could you please tell me the name of an eye gel that you recommend for reappearing fine lines?

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