Building a Closet Organizer With Cass


I noticed that the space between the floor and where my clothes hang to, had stuff piled up and decided to make and organizer shelving system. I could have just easily bought some already made piece-o-crap particle board that probably didn’t fit the way that I wanted, so I made a trip to the good old hardware store to get my own plywood and some brackets and would make my own, custom built piece-o-awesomeness that I could easily modify later on with extra cubbies and even sand and paint myself from scratchola! I am trying something new with creating my own music so I got to “fiddle” around and try to make my own CREATION…down to every single sound you hear….Muah hahahahahahaha! It was a long and arduous journey for the music part seeing is its my first time EVER creating my own musical madness and I know its far from perfect but, SHUT UP! I am learning and trying! I also noticed that I make some funny faces when focusing deeply during the build! So ENJOY..or DIE!



  1. imaQTPi5

    I don't know you but I think you did a great job. the music and faces are great and your shelf, while it isn't a piece of art or fine furniture it wasn't made to be. It is a good project that anyone could do. I feel better about being able to make my own shelves for my closet. Don't think I'll be making a video though and if I did I'd let my kids make the music. 

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