Closet Organizer with Hanger Closet space saver


The HankyTankyHanger has the unique ability to hang twelve tops or bottoms on one hanger. Hang tank tops, jeans, dresses, jerseys, leggings, baby dolls, leggings, dress pants, swimsuits, short sleeve blouses, scarves, camisoles, etc. HankyTankyHanger is guaranteed to triple the closet space for women, children and mens clothing or your money is refunded. Neatly hang twelve garments on a single hanger. The HankyTankyHanger visually displays your clothing so that you will never again say “Hey, I forgot I had that!” The Hanky Tanky makes hanging clothes fun and easy especially for children. Whether you are downsizing your closet area or need to expand your closet space for future purchases, the HankyTankyHanger is your answer.



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