Closet Tour: Organizing a Small Closet


It can be tough getting a small closet organized and visually pleasing to the eye. With so many closet organizing ideas being geared towards large and luxurious walk-in closets, those of us with small closets can feel a little left out. But I have a tip, no matter what the size, when you see a beautiful closet, take note of the things you like about it and find ways of customizing those big ideas to fit your space. You can even find inspiration in the color palette used. The options are limitless, when YOU are the designer!

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  1. Vegan Pisces

    omg i thought i was the only one with excessive amounts of perfumes and what not lol glad to see im not. i've also told myself i wont buy anymore until i use up more bottles. the body mists are easiest to use up, so been using those most and savoring my favorite/limited edition perfumes or just ones that are expensive that i dont want to run out fast 😛 cute closet.

  2. Silly Mee

    What a very pleasant looking closet! That cabinet you aquired is awesome! And on a side note: I just love your nail polish! If you don't mind, what brand is it, and what is the name of the color?

  3. Muskan K

    Did she said "ONLY THREE PAIRS OF SHOES????!?!!!!!!!!!!!" I can't freaking believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAN ON THE OTHER HAND IM WORSE!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB GIRL!!!!

  4. nybaby40

    through the years I have realized that more is less and less clutter means more peace in my house… i am not as advanced as you are but I am getting there!. Just very clever what you did with the closet and boutique feel. I think the hangers are a hit, you can fit a lot of clothes in that area because they are flat and not bulky. I also loved the hand made jewelry hanger and the fact that you only have a few pieces and not overboard with the jewelry…. But you sure love your perfumes!!!! thanks for the ideas!

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