Closet Tour: Organizing A Very Small Closet


Aloha Beauties! Another closet makeover for you! This time it’s for VERY SMALL Closets. Be warned there is A LOT of leopard and pink… What can I say, it’s my thang! Personalize your closet with your own favorite colors/patterns and it will be a pleasure to look at every morning while you’re getting ready for the day! Hope you find this helpful!

I will link my previous Closet Makeover For Small Closets video below.

Where I Purchased…
Organizers/Storage Boxes (from Ross)
Curtains & White Shelf (from Lowes)
No Slip Hangers (from Costco)

Other Shopping Options: Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Target, Ikea, Hobby Lobby…
(None of which I have here in my area lol, but I know they’re fun stores!)

On My Nails: Essie Cascade Cool
Jewelry: http://www.etsy.com/shop/PinkSoFoxy



  1. BlueStar54

    i have to share a closet with my little sister,and our closet is about 5x6x2 ft and i roll up my dresses and put it in a shoe organizer then hang it up in the back of my closet. Then i put my winter stuff and sweatshirts in a bin under my bed. works for me ._.

  2. Minx Plays!

    My closet is even smaller than hers. It makes me think that everyone who has a double doored closet with extra shelf space and whatever are lucky and whiney people. My closet is only about 4-5 feet in area and i have a lot of clothes but i deal with it

  3. leah limbert

    I have been reusing plastic and cardboard boxes for dividers. They work fine but are ugly. Thank you for this awesome tutorial! For me pretty and cute storage motivates me to keep things in their place. If anyone has kids they can help too. Picking out fabric, measurements, and putting in drawers. Parents can do the cutting and hot glue. Family time, character building and organizing your home all in one :)

  4. Rebecca Cawley

    the struggle of the 57 inch reach in is real 😉 However when dealing with small spaces this is not thinking out side the box .. for me. This video is outdated, but i still see shoe hangers .. I had a dark green one around same time. I didn't put shoes in it but they suck/crappy and are not cute. Not in the least especially when you have a over 8 pairs of shoes which most females do. This is just my opinion and is not meant to offend anyone on this channel. :)

  5. rurusiddi

    There's something I noticed I do have closet as small as yours but the issue is I can't organize it like yours simply because you have a lot of short stuff like tank tops and I have a lot of long dresses because I'm Indian and I have no idea where to put my jeans. And what if you had something long and formal to wear where would you put those clothes?

  6. Andrea

    smh. this is crazy my hallway closet is just like this. same floor model, same space size n same suit case in it. But I have a fold door. Thinking about doing this, its a linen closet.

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