DIY Clothing Drawer Organization Tips | Rachel Talbott


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  1. Sherry Monscour

    I could appreciate your folding job. I also learned that folding technique at Lord and Taylor's. I actually think it works great to keep everything folded neat and tidy. When I wasn't busy at my cash register, I actually walked around and folded clothes in this manner (with a clip board) to stay busy and to make the department look neat and orderly. Great tutorial. Great inspirations!

  2. Mariana Flores

    Hello Rachel! I hope you are great anyways! My first job was when I was a senior in high school! I was going to school half of the day and the other half I would go to the Transportation Department for a school district! I worked as a payroll clerk and had to learn the names of 300 and something employees because all the bus drivers would go in at the same time and them punching in would make them late for their route! Fun! Really fun! Got to meet so many people and sooo many personalities and at the same time take so much advice from life from the rest of employees! 😁

  3. Kate99 Ness99

    I fell in love with you!
    You have such a pretty personality
    I just got to know your channel, and have already watched tons of your videos🌸
    You are such an inspiration!!!

    GOOD LUCK 💕💕💕💕💕

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