KonMari Declutter Series | Part 2- More Clothes!


It’s part 2 in my declutter series!! Let’s take on some more clothes. And after this, only one more clothing declutter to go! We got this!

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  1. Castiel Karschel

    The amount of shirts you kept is more clothes than I have altogether! (though I have cleaned recently) I keep binge-watching decluttering videos so this is very nice, I am enjoying your videos (:

  2. Joely

    Would you ever go through the items that you kept again to make sure you got rid of everything because I know that when I went through everything twice I got rid of a lot more. I also recommend looking at the clothes you kept and see what they have in common (eg. they are all block colors and you threw away all the patterned clothing) so that when you buy new clothes you won't buy patterned things that you probably won't end up wearing :)

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