KonMari Method (Handbags): The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up


I LOVE…LOVE…LOVE Handbags! I started with 37, guess how many I’m getting rid of??? Yikes :-/ Thank you so much for watching. If you liked this video and would like to see more, please leave me a comment and check out some of my other videos. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel.

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  1. In 5

    I'm jealous of your collection, but I'm reading the book right now and getting myself ready to go through the same thing. sad part of my bag collection is, when I hold them all they ALL "give me joy" you are definitely a very strong woman and I can only hope to take inspiration from you.

  2. KARO

    You should go through them as do they match your need for collecting all what you carry with you …yen do they match clothing ….. then collect bag + matching purse+ cosmetic bag + and if you storage them try do that with display them 8th ad hiding ….Small items you can sale or give away as gift for ppl who are less fortunate than you

  3. KawaiiAFKelsey

    This is probably way too late, but when I thrift shop, the people buying clothes are not so much in need of clothes, they just want a deal. Maybe just leave a note on them that they need to be drycleaned before wear. I think most people assume it needs to be cleaned in some way or another if it was from the thrift store. c:

  4. petmom ful

    The thing that is not bringing me joy, is the fact that I am supposed to get out all my stuff, spread it all out, and go thru it, making a really big mess. THAT does not bring me joy at all. LOL My bags are from Target, much easier to part with than Coach and Dooney. Lately I am into not carrying a bag at all, just my ID and key in my back pocket.

  5. Lea Gill

    Normally, at least here in the UK, clothes are cleaned by the company when you bring them to a charity shop. Now I don't know where you were going to take them, but if it's a charity it's also their responsibility to make sure clothes they take are clean. Personally, I like to give old clothes to the homeless because the companies that we call charities mostly make money on those clothes they get from us for free, such as transporting them to Africa (which is also costly) and selling them for an amount per piece that's on average equal to one person's daily wage there (!!!!), so I think it's fair to just give them to someone here who needs them. And seeing as the homeless would even take something from a rubbish bin, I think some free coats, washed or not, would be amazing to them. From my perspective I would suggest not to waste this opportunity to help somebody out just because we cannot wash so many coats first. To you it may not be so nice to, but someone else might not even mind..

  6. Hon Min

    thank you. I hope you sent your branded bags to a consignment shop to recoup a few dollars from that 'investment.' Leather bags and leather coats can be cleaned with 'saddle soap.' They use that product for quality leather used for saddles, for horses. There are several cleaning products like diluted vinegar that are suitable to clean leather coat and jacket linings. Saddle soap is likely available at truly quality leather stores.

    When I guesstimate how much you've spent on handbags I feel sad. If you used that sum to contribute to an appropriate investment fund you'd likely be the millionaire next door by the end of 20 years. Think of how much joy!

  7. Jenn Truong

    It's good that you downsized a little bit but if you put some of your bags/ purses/ wallets in bins, then how can you see them and know what you have all the time? I would rather be able to see what I have so that I don't forget and so that I use my stuff often. If it's packed away, you may not reach for it often enough. Kind of like the whole out of sight, out of mind kind of thing. I have a small bin for purses too but it only has 5 purses in it so it's easy to see and go through regularly. If you're investing in high-end designer purses, then you should have them be more accessible to you. It's almost like you're just collecting rather than just having to use. But that was just a thought I had when watching your video.

  8. Diane Bishop

    You did such a good job with reducing your handbag collection! With the leather coats I don't think I would dry clean them before donating them. If I were to buy something from a charity shop I would clean it after buying it so I feel it is a bit of a waste to spend so much money on dry cleaning before donating.

  9. Dawn Dooley

    I don't see why you need to have a coat cleaned to donate, especially if it isn't visibly soiled. From shopping at Goodwill, I fully expect to have to wash something first when I buy there. I doubt they expect them to be freshly cleaned.

  10. Elizabeth B

    I've seen a few articles online which say you can clean leather coats in your washing machine if you use the delicate cycle and turn the coats inside out. I've never tried it, but it would certainly be more economical than the dry cleaners (and probably involve fewer chemicals, too).

  11. YourCreativeGift

    I love your personality! You are doing such an amazing job downsizing and making decisions. I can't wait to see more and more videos! 🙂 I definitely think you should just donate your coats, don't spend your money dry cleaning them. It's fine. A warm coat to someone in need is better than no coat at all. Plus, not everyone dry cleans items that say dry clean only. I haven't and won't. There are plenty of alternative ways to clean things with special care. Your gift of giving is gift enough, to you as well as the recipient.

  12. Kelsey Sylvia

    True joy comes.from our natural world family and friends..the good food which nourishes our bodies.i love you sister…please free yourself from the bondage of Stuff.also rethink shopping…you are beautiful and di not need anything but your natural self.live!love from miss k

  13. Kelsey Sylvia

    Another response.i have lived a kon mari lifestyle for years.we live in a vastly consumer driven society where we feel we must own certain items…designer this and designer that.you are you…and not defined by your objects.we all love beautiful objects and pieces but when you reduce and reduce you will be far happier.i would rather have just two bags and use them until they are gone and soend the rest of time enjoying other things.things are just inanimate objects…

  14. Lizbetstyle

    Way to go on the declutter. Hope you get some of the bags you really like. As for donating coats, when they have coat drives where I'm at they usually mention that a dry cleaner is donating their services, so every coat that is donated gets cleaned because they don't know who has recently dry cleaned their donated coat and who has worn the coat and it is just not showing dirt. If you get your coat dry-cleaned, keep in mind it will probably be cleaned again.

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