KonMari Method — ‘Komono’ — The Attic



COMMENT if you’re doing the KonMari Method too! What stage are you at? How are you finding it?

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My KonMari Journey — ‘Komono’ — The Attic

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  1. adultblues

    Hi again

    Before you find me annoying, may I just say this

    I agree – once again – with what you just said – some times it makes more sense to work on ONE specific space as compared to what KonMori suggested – to gather everything of the same type together

    For me, gathering everything in a house that has 3 floors and shared with family members is just not easily possible

    Thanks for sharing 😊

  2. Patricia Pena

    I'm glad I saw this video before doing the attic. I didn't look forward to bring everything down and then bringing back up. I thought I had to start with a blank canvas but I'm glad I dont. LOL! Thanks for sharing and giving us tips(food and water).

  3. CMS Sultana

    Thanks for sharing! Made me think of A. Hitchcock (your beginning), as to transporting items out, maybe some sturdy string and a basket a la "Rear Window"?
    Good job…btw, here in US car seats (and playpens and cribs) get revised per safety, so you may want to share that carseat with the world sooner rather than later (that's how I see taking things to the thrift store, selling on Craigslist, etc.) Check out Bea Johnson for sorting things down further…Next go round!

  4. Samantha Marie

    I was laughing so much during this video! I would have totally freaked out about my own thumb too. Also, my Christmas tidying will also just be me joyfully digging through the holiday boxes! 😀 Keep up the great work!

  5. Mrs Senta

    Thank you, would like to see the rest too! I started the KonMari method some time ago, and I agree it takes a lot af time, but very rewarding. I wonder how you keep the clutter out and how often you go through the categories (?) It seems like a muscle that has got to be trained (decise what to get rid off..) I still feel overwhelmed by all the stuff sometimes! very strange! The next step for me is investigating/developing a cleaning routine inspired by FlyLady and How Jen does it: also life-changing. Sorry for the language-faults! (I'm from the Netherlands)

  6. Linda Hiles

    It's sad how some feel their opinion should trump yours. What you did, going through your daughter's toys without her, worked best for you. That's all that matters.

    As for the attic, I loved the way you pieced it together. I'm sorry you had to go through all the hard work, but you did good!
    And as for Christmas . . . . I LOVE IT too! It does spark a lot of JOY for me too! I can't wait to decorate this year even though its still 70 degrees here in Florida.

  7. SafePet Haven

    You did remarkably well for a distasteful project.

    I recommend you bring your wedding dress downstairs & keep in a closet somewhere; Should that water heater develop a leak, most of what is in your attic will be ruined [ask me how I know]. Unless it is a dress from the style of "Gone with the Wind" movie. you could place it in one of those storage vacuum seal bags that take up very little hanging space; less than one winter coat's width.

    Your attic is a bid oddly shaped but you're lucky to have it; where I am, everything would have ruined that was put up there because of the extreme heat, … and "critters". But, you have many high/vertical rafters, so see if it possible to get large, sturdy, threaded hooks [similar to what folks use to hang their bicycles from garage ceiling rafters], & that would give you quite a bit of hanging possibilities — anything with straps or handles, or draw-strings such as duffel bags filled with soft things. Then you'd have your floor space remaining for boxes, tubs, etc. Probably should not place anything directly atop your insulation for several reasons, but mainly because it defeats the purpose by mashing it down; you lose the R-value. Possibly place small boards or sections of plywood between the floor rafters up there [to act as a bridge] to place objects on rather than directly onto the fluffy insulation.

    I admire you for tackling a tough project.

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