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Hey guys ! A few months ago i had shared a very similar video to this one, however i felt that i needed to make some changes and edit a few things to better show you guys the process that i go though every time i declutter my makeup. This process has helped me so much to the point where I now keep ALL my makeup in the little blue bag that you saw in the video and I’m so happy! It’s so much easier to find any makeup item that i want to use and also since my makeup bag is small if fits perfect in my everyday bag/purse and i take it with me everywhere i go. I really hope these 5 Easy Steps To Minimize / Declutter Your Makeup are as helpful for you as they are for me! If you enjoyed watching this minimalist/minimalsm related video please let me know by giving this video a thumbs up ! & Don’t forget to Subscribe to My Channel LifewithLin that way you guys know when i shared more videos! ♥ Thanks for watching!

STEP 1 – Grab some paper towel or an old towel/cloth that you don’t mind washing or throwing away afterwards and laying it down on a flat surface. It could be on top of the table or on the floor, depending on how much makeup you have, decide how big is the area that you’ll need to cover. This will alow you to keep the mess down to a minimum and avoid staining or dirtying anyting with your make up.

STEP 2 – Take out every piece of make up that you own and lay it flat on top of the area that you covered on step number one. Make sure to keep the eye shadows close to each other, the lipsticks close to each other, the mascaras close to each other and etc. This will allow you to not miss any pieces when sorting out your make up.

STEP 3 – Separate your makeup into 3 sections. The first section will be the makeup that you use all the time and that you like. The second section will be the makeup that you ocasionally wear or that you like but you are unsure if you want to keep it or get rid of it. The third section will be the makeup that you have not used in a long time or that you no longer like.

STEP 4 – Go over the section that you are unsure if you want to keep and review each item. Ask yourself 3 simple questions. The first question is: Do you have any similar/repeated makeup item that you are already keeping? If you do, decide if it’s worth having it repeated. The second question to ask yourself is: How often have you used this makeup item in the last month and how often do you plan to use it on the next month? If you have not used it in the last month the chances are that you probably won’t use it in the next month either and you should definitely get rid of it. The third and final question to ask yourself is: How would you feel if you didn’t have this makeup item? If you feel indiferent or that you really like it but you would be okay without it then you should definitely get rid of it. If you feel that you’re maybe running out of one of the makeup items that you are keeping and you would like to use this item as a replacement instead of purchasing a new item, then you should definitely keep it.

STEP 5 – Once you have sorted out all your makeup, repeat the entire process in a few days or as often as you need. This will allow you to see if you still feel the same way about the items that you kept or to see if you would like to get rid of more makeup that was a bit hard for you to get rid of the first time you started this process. I know that for me doing this decluttering process is most of the time easier to the second or third time around. It gives me a chance to review my original decision and to decide if i made the right choice for me.

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