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Hi everyone! Today i wanted to show you all my Minimalism Closet Declutter and I have also added all the steps below that way you too can Declutter Your Closet and Minimize Your Wardrobe! This process has helped me so much and I hope these steps below are as helpful for you as they are for me! If you enjoyed watching this video and found it helpful please let me know by giving this video a thumbs up! ♥ & Don’t forget to Subscribe to My Channel LifewithLin that way you get notified whenever i share new videos! 🙂 Thanks for watching!

STEP 1 – Lay out all your clothes a flat surface and yes that includes all the clothes you have in your closet as well as any clothes that you may have put away in drawers. You could put them on top of your bed or on the floor, depending on how much clothes you have, decide how big is the area that you’ll need to cover.

STEP 2 – Separate them into different sections. Keep all the shirts together in one section, all the pants together in another section and etc, create as many sections as you need. This will allow you to not miss any pieces when sorting out your clothes.

STEP 3 – In order to sort out you clothes, you will need to go through every piece in each section individually. While you are going through each piece, start to separate them into 3 new and separate sections. The first section will be the clothes that you use all the time, that fit you, that you feel confident in, that you like and that you want to keep. The second section will be the clothes that you have repeated, that occasionally wear, that still fits you and that you like but you are unsure if you want to keep it or get rid of it. The third section will be the clothes that you have not used in a long time, that you don’t plan to use anymore, that may not fit you anymore or that you no longer like and you have decided that you want to get rid of it.

STEP 4 – Go over the section that you are unsure if you want to keep and review each item. Ask yourself 3 questions. The first question is: Do you have any similar/repeated piece of clothing that you are already keeping? If you do, decide if it’s worth having it repeated. The second question to ask yourself is: How often have you used this piece of clothing in the last month and how often do you plan to use it on the next month? If you have not used it in the last month the chances are that you probably won’t use it in the next month either and you should definitely get rid of it. The third and final question to ask yourself is: How would you feel if you didn’t have this piece of clothing in your closet? If you feel indifferent or that you really like it but you would be okay without it then you should definitely get rid of it. If you feel that you’re maybe going to miss it because it has some sentimental value to you and you would like to keep it for a while longer. Or if you forgot that you had it and you would like to use it more going forward, then you should definitely keep it.

STEP 5 – Once you have sorted out all your clothes, repeat the entire process in a month or as often as you need. This will allow you to see if you still feel the same way about the clothes that you kept or to see if you would like to get rid of more pieces that was a bit hard for you to get rid of the first time you started this process. I know that for me since this is my second time doing this decluttering process with my clothes, it is definitely easier this time than the first time i did it. It gives me a chance to review my original decision and to decide if i made the right choice for me.

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  1. Charis Crane

    Great tips! Watching vids like these keeps me motivated! I follow very loosely the Konmari method. It's helped me decluttering a lot, and recently the 30 bags in 30 days method. Going through all your stuff and filling a bag full of junk. You can't stop until the bag is full. It's decluttering to the extreme.

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