Minimalist Tips For Closet Organisation [Minimalism Series] // Rachel Aust


The rest of the minimalism series: https://goo.gl/z9isZM

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  1. Eb Elise Troop

    All of my dramers are a mess. I have too much outerwear and blazers so my closet and double rack with wheels both house all my outerwear and blazers. I purged as much as my heart could take believe me. Now I have no place for my chunky sweaters, dresses and accessories.

  2. hoppinginpuddles

    Hi Rachel, hopefully you get this as I know it's an older video. Are you able to tell me where the storage with the multiple compartments for your underwear came from or what I should search to find something similar? Thank you :)

  3. Ferishia

    Does anybody know a cheaper alternative to Henkerman hangers? I would like something good looking with felt on the edges, but can't seem to find anything like that.

  4. Claire Jones

    How do you decide what clothes you need and what you don't? Have you draw a line in the sand saying"I'm not keeping this because I only wear it once a year" for example? I feel like I live in jeans but should have a spare dress just in case

  5. kanttis

    Your minimalism series is so helpful! Thank you so much Rachel ^_^ I would love it if you could do a little demonstration about clothes you own. I've tried to learn how to make a capsule wardrobe but it seems really challenging! I'd love to see what's in your minimalist closet since I love your style. I also like that you're not as extreme as some when it comes to eg makeup, so seeing your wardrobe would be very interesting and inspiring, I assume :)

  6. frida

    I struggle with my whole closet. It is a built in closet, so it's not just something you remove or replace. It's quite tidy, but only because that's how i like it. The closet itself – I hate.

  7. 施哇哈

    everything is so clean and tidy up… your video is the minimal kind as well! Is there any mental change since you have come so far as a minimalist?
    I will move to a new country after my trip to europe.. I would bring a 67 liter osprey and take that as the start of life! any advice on packing? thanks!

  8. unicornshxts

    I have a fuck tonne of clothes and i really wanna throw them out but some of them i dont wear much but i love them and dont wanna throw them away like i have black dungarees and i love them but i dont often wear them bc they pinch as they ride up and i have a blue tshirt which i really like but i feel it doesnt go with most my stuff or cropped tops which i dont feel comfortable with, do I bin these items? Do you have like a strict set of whats-in-the-wardrobe rules if you get what i mean?

  9. scrapsbear

    Hi Rachel, I love your channel. You have wonderful style and thank you for sharing it with us. I have a question about your closet. Which brand of hanging closet deodorizers do you use?

  10. Juwairiyah Mulla

    I don't have much space to hang all my clothes so I fold them all. Any tips to organise the folded clothes? Because I always mess it up after some days as I forget where I keep my jeans or dresses etc

  11. Nathalie Chéry

    I really love your minimalism series! Such an inspiration. I hope there will be more to come. Oh and your black and white house mixed with the green plants is just amazingly nice!! You are very talented. Can't wait to say what's next!!

  12. Tabitha Dias

    my wardrobe is really inconvenient, getting clothes out from shelves is like going down the rabbit hole..I'm very short and the good part of the cupboard (hanger-rail) is beyond my reach. plus my shoes are in in an overturned stool (not Kidding) and hey, you asked for the story..

  13. Princess Azula

    So cool. I just wear grey or black. I declutter, too. Clothes and make up and it feels SO good. I don't like the trend, but being conscious about you eat, buy, everything this is the point. For me, you can have much things, but be aware how these things are produced etc., I am VERY minimalistic. I have just one pair for each season, my size is EUR 34, so it is difficult to find not kids shoes. Lol. But I really like to have just some good stuff, which I appreciate, which is a bit more expensive, but special. It is always about consciousness. Thanks for your inspiration. I will give my clothes away to refugees or homeless people. <3

  14. LostTheRemote

    I've wanted to wear just black for a long, long time but I got made fun of by family and friends and called goth which I don't even understand why they thought that was an insult. I'm not goth I just like black and feel really good in it. Watching a few of your videos really inspires me to go for what I want. I love your wardrobe! :)

  15. Hillary Cargile

    My worst area of my closet is my floor. I have a really long closet and I have a Rubbermaid closet organizer and baskets that have my shoes in them, but my floor has no type of organization and it always looks messy. Any tips?

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