Painting, Cooking, Tidying – 2016 Vlog 1


Our bean boozled challenge is now live on my sister’s channel! 😀

Hi everyone! Here is my first vlog of 2016… it’s been an eventful couple of weeks… I hope you are all having a great start to the year!


Omescape (we did the Mysterious Study escape room)

Shops at Don Mills


Paint Nite (use coupon code TORONTO20 for $20 off)

Here is the painting we learned:

Hard Rock Cafe

Pizzeria Libretto

UE Ultimate Ears Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (I got the black & red one)

Everyday Super Food by Jamie Oliver

Awesome Granola Dust recipe

Sizzling Moroccan Shrimp with Fluffy Couscous & Rainbow Salsa recipe

Spark Joy by Marie Kondo

America Restaurant

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  1. Zoë Danielle

    i don't think there's anywhere that does paint night here but it sounds like such a fun time! i'm super hungry after watching your video haha as always. that shrimp dish looked delicious too, i really need to try more recipes i kinda always make the same thing…i also just got spark joy so i will have to dig into it soon!

  2. Nora Y

    This was such a fun video to watch! I'm so glad I discovered your channel. I'm a Toronto local and I love hearing other opinions of restaurants/events! I also find libretto underwhelming. I've had both the margarita and the mushroom pizza and I wasn't too impressed either! Keep these Vlogs coming!! Xoxo

  3. Marianne M

    I didn't even know she has a second book until you uploaded on Instagram, and I literally went out that day and picked it up haha. I'm at the same stage as you when it comes to decluttering, I'm learning to appreciate the things I do have but I still tackle my decluttering with the mindset of "what can I let go of?"

    & Lulu is so precious!

  4. Tina S

    You make me want to buy Jamie Oliver's cook book! 🙂 Are most of his recipes in the book easy to cook, does not require a lot of ingredients? That shrimp dish you made looks so good!

  5. KathleenP

    I love Nigella Lawson too! That painting class looked really fun. I just watched your sister's bean boozled challenge video – so funny, and so creatively edited! Your poor husband getting so many of the gross jelly beans! I love homemade granola so I will definitely be checking out the granola 'dust' recipe. Xo

  6. Kathryn Ham

    Wow!! You look soo so gorgeous in this video!! Did you do something different with your hair? it looks like you curled it really naturally 🙂 what lip product are you wearing during the intro and talking part? its a gorgeous shade on you. Weird question but whenever you wear tank tops do you wear a strapless bra or a bandeau underneath? because I notice that it give it a clean look without many straps! thanks :D

  7. Nicole Clark

    I've been thinking of places to visit for solo trip options, and Toronto seems like a really cool place to live/visit! I also did Paint Nite with my twin back in 2014 here in New York City. It was fun, and I still have my painting in my living room.

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