DIY Build Your Own Shoe Rack Organizer, You Can Do It!


It’s about time you clean up that mountain of shoes in your closet. Make this your project this weekend!




  1. FeedmeJUice

    I didnt say women are more creative then all men. Statistically women are much more creative then MOST men and you're right most women do express creativity through clothing.

  2. clydelaz

    I go to Key West for a month or two every winter. Last Fall I took a two month trip and saw the national parks plus most of the country NY to LA. I go to the Jersey shore periodically in the summer and gamble in Atlantic City. I go to hockey and basketball games often as well as symphonies and rock concerts. I have been to 300+ of NY's best restaurants. That was an incredible conclusion you came to based only on ho many shoes I own. 

  3. clydelaz

    Thank you. Finally an answer that is logical. I do, however, disagree that women are more creative than men. Women express their creativity more in their clothing, agreed, but men's creativity comes out in other ways. 

  4. FeedmeJUice

    Wellllll its probably because women are much more creative then most men, therefore we showcase our creativity through clothes. Having four pairs of shoes isnt going to work with every outfit, is it? Women wear tights, skinny jeans with different colors, peplum dresses etc. and colors usually vary while most men stick to basic colors… black, tan, white, blue, denim its easier to have less amount of shoes than women who have a wider variety of clothing. *shrugs*

  5. clydelaz

    @snailsonnails Actually, I am trying to determine, from a psychological point of view, why many women have 100+ pairs of shoes, while most men have < 10. I have interviewed many women on the subject as well as watching videos and reading magazine articles and still cannot figure it out. 

  6. Erica

    @clydelaz if you only have four pairs of shoes, what are you doing watching a diy shoe rack video? do you need a rack for your four pairs of shoes? 

  7. clydelaz

    Everyone does not have a messy shoe area.I have 4 pairs of shoes, 1 each of: sneakers, dress shoes, boots and sandals. Anyone that has more than 15 pairs of shoes should seek professional help. 

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