DIY Shelving Unit With Allison Oropallo: No Man’s Land


Allison Oropallo of HGTV’s All-American Handyman helps Anna and Shelly build an originally-designed 9’x11′ shelving unit!

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  1. bbtay

    Our most challenging diy was perhaps our first only because we had no idea what the hell we were doing. Although, my partner is in the building industry so he was pro with the maths so one of us had some idea what needed to be done. We made a simple, slightly padded bed head which we tried to match to our existing side draws. We found it difficult too because we hardly had any power tools but the place we got our timber from cut to our dimensions for free which I recommend everyone do if they can. We just used hammer and nail. The nail guns scare me lol

  2. ED Mauzer

    Why would anyone care if the person that makes the bookshelf has a penis, goes beyond my understanding. Anyway, had to skip half the video to finally see how they started building the thing.

  3. Lass-in Angeles

    I am a female DIYer and have to agree with the male comments below. In fact, the men were gentle in their criticism, but I am going to dish it out as you deserve it. You women give us a BAD name!!! This is why:

    1. Quit making a joke over carpentry, quit making faces at the camera, and quit the inane jokes. Do the job. Show how its done, then shut the fuck up. The more you make a big deal of a simple project, the less respect we all have for you idiots.

    2. Table saw is 'too heavy for kickback'? Do you know what kickback is? It is the wood sliding wildly out of control backwards into you. If the blade is not aligned properly, or you cut the wood incorrectly, this could happen. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE WEIGHT OF THE TABLE SAW, YOU MORONS! You are embarrassing the entire female population of DIYers with the appalling ignorance of your 'expert'!

    3. Where are your goggles when brad nailing? Your face is right next to the nailer. And can you other two women who are doing nothing besides watching one person do all the work, please stop with the comments about nailing your face and head. Truly not entertaining.

    4. Your tools are what professionals use, not DIYers, especially not what women would buy on their tiny salaries. Your table saw is a professional contractor saw, so are your DeWalt sander, and Miter Saw. Air compressor and nailers too. And on top of that, your shelving unit cost $700? Where did you buy the wood – at Saks Fifth Avenue? Lets see now:
    $700 cost of wood and nails
    $3000 cost of table saw
    $600 cost of Miter saw
    $300 cost of air compressor cheap one
    $100 cost of brad/finish nailer
    $200 cost of DeWalt Sander
    $200 cost of level, carpenters square, misc tools
    $5100 Total cost of DIY shelving unit.

    $150 Cost of same unit at IKEA with minimal assembly time and zero tools..
    $4900 cost savings if you buy at IKEA, and you won't have to listen to these three idiotic females and their "HOW NOT TO DO CARPENTRY" TUTORIAL. What an embarrassment to the female gender you all are with your lack of knowledge and verbal diarrhea,.

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