How to make a DIY jewelry organizer – Season 1 – Ep 2


Organize your jewelry while keeping it safely disguised with this DIY picture frame jewelry box organizer to store your jewelry on the wall. Having decorative items like this DIY jewelry holder that also function as storage is perfect for small space decorating. You will be able to store your jewelry on the wall, out of sight, while at the same time displaying a beautiful photo.

For a complete resource guide, including materials, tools and supplies needed to complete this project, go to:

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  1. dreamb231

    OH MY WORD! I've just found your channel and I LOVE IT!!!! :)))) I've watched evert video and am so inspired to start my own projects. I'm a renter too, and I've never found anyone on YouTube who takes that into account when trying to improve their home with decorating and storage. You are absolutely brilliant. Please keep up the good work and make LOTS more videos!!!! Sending you a big "HIGH-FIVE" all the way from the UK 😀 xxx

  2. Brenda Anderson

    Your video's are excellent!  Precise, clear content, that is easy to understand, making the projects extremely easy for literally anyone to complete. I really appreciate the time you take to clearly provide the description of each step, using specific verbal and pictorial descriptions and how you give your reasons for specific material use. Excellent presentation on all levels. Thank you!

  3. Shawnie Michael

    Please in your future videos, less yakking and more showing.  Just state what is needed, and explain then leave it to that.  Don't elaborate or go on with the subject matter.  Good video!  

  4. tracey martin

    Help! Hubby has team shirts from his playing days! Love those shadow box frames that hold shirt. But to have it professionally done is two house payment and part of the college fund. SO YOU IMMEDIATELY CAME TO MIND! All your tools fit on the kitchen table.could you show me how to build one please!

  5. Nicole D

    I plan to make this. What a creative project! I think this is also a good place to hide or store not only jewelry, but a keepsake or a little bit of money. You could even use this at an entryway as a place to store keys or a dog's leash. :)

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