In this video I share how to clean your whole house with just a few ingredients. I have been using this system for one year and am really happy with it compared to conventional products you can find in the store.

There is an all-purpose spray, glass spray, shower scrub, and dish washing liquid recipe. The recipes are extremely simple and only require a few ingredients. This will reduce the amount of supplies you need to keep on hand and create more negative space in your cabinets or storage areas. Best of all, these recipes are natural and safe!

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I’ve just finished a follow up to this video about some of the ways I keep my house smelling fresh. Included are the recipes for my shoe spray, room spray and a few others:

MAKE YOUR SPACE SMELL GREAT: https://youtu.be/-3gU-a-5z_Y

Essential oils used in this video:
*Aura Cacia, Organic, Lavender: goo.gl/hEC0x1
*Aura Cacia, Organic, Tea Tree: goo.gl/cmFHxZ

I buy my essential oils off iherb, you can use my code for $5 off your first order: JNV011

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End Card Music: Traditional Japanese Music by Eric Taylor

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  1. MissRandomComment

    This is amazing and it's weird how excited I got over this! Please do more of these, I'm particularly interested in how you use different oils. Sorry if you already did a vid on that. New fan here!

  2. Alice Lim

    i went to every single dollar store near me, and I can't find any bottle sprays that looks clean and pretty like yours…. sigh. i guess I will have to visit IKEA soon

  3. 27 Street

    Love it! Love the demonstrations! It is so simple! Brilliant! Thank you for sharing! Once I'm done with my cleaning supplies, I will switch to this system! Thank you!

  4. Iryna Sofiia Havetsen

    Thanks for the video! I was using your glass recipe today and surprised my granny with it — she didn't know such a simple solution for perfect windows.

    I'll be moving to Sweden soon and I will definitely try your other cleaning recommendations as I have become more aware of what to put in my home. Btw, could you please also share your shoe spray, bath freshener and other natural recipes? Maybe you make some of your skincare products as well?

    And have you tried Dr Wood's Castile soap from iHerb? It's easier to get, but is it as effective as Bronner's?

  5. Reg D

    Your videos are fantastic! I've watched nearly all of them and subscribed. I am moving from Germany to Arizona and I'm very excited to try out these cleaning products. Can you post a video with more about you and your spouse? How did you end up in Asia? What are you guys working/studying? How long have you been overseas?

  6. Sosilah

    I'm glad I've come across this video. I made the glass cleaning solution today, and wiped my laptop with it, and the screen is streak free. I'm very impressed and will definitely make the other sprays. Thank you!

  7. emeeeych

    I like the scrub idea with just the castile soap & Baking Soda.. I will try that. .. I hate (HATE) vinegar so all my sprays are just vodka, a little h2o, and EO. LOVE it and very multitasking. Great for cleaning glass too.

  8. grace day

    I've used vinegar for cleaning and usually love it. Today I used a greater quantity for cleaning the jets on our jetted tub, and one of our cats has been having PTSD symptoms. Not sure if it is simply the odor he doesn't like, or maybe the vinegar makes it so he is unable to use his sense of smell, leaving him defenseless against possible intruders (from his point of view.) But he is nervous, shaking, and skulking around. Totally uncharacteristic for him… he has only behaved this way one other time, and it was a reaction to medication. The other two cats don't seem to be bothered.

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