Room Essentials 9-Cube Organizer Assembly


Ashley bought a 9-cube organizer from Target for $45. The brand is Room Essentials. In this video, Kevin assembles the shelving unit.

College Office Area Tour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4aiBnT6ucg&spfreload=10



  1. willowgram69

    just getting ready to put together my first 9 cube organizer. i cant tell you enough how grateful i was to find this video. Thank you for the thought and the forsight to make this video.it was so very helpful! God bless

  2. Angie

    I just finished putting this thing together and I just came to check f I really needed to use the last 3 pieces he talked about… I wish I would have watched this video, it took me like 3 hours to do it because I didn't really understand the instructions. Smh. But thank you!

  3. Kathy Zeigler

    Thanks for sharing! I am going to attempt this on my own…..Ive asked the hubby several times to assemble and to no avail…. wish me luck! You did a great job at explaining each step

  4. Dana Lane

    Thank you for this- I bought one that was kinda scratch n dent, and had no instructions! Mine is a 12 cube, but same basics- you helped me work out how it all went together!

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