TINKSKY Tie Rack Hanger Belt Scarf Holder Hook for Closet Organizer 360 Degree Rotating


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My Written Review
These are great little hangers to have for closet organization. I have so many things in my closet that I prefer to hang so that I can actually see them, or because they are better to hang than to fold. Rather than throwing things loosely on the closet door handle or over top of a hanger, I now have them organized nicely. A little bit of organization makes a huge difference!

This set comes with 3 hangers that have 4 hooks on each, so you have plenty of storage room. There is very light assembly required to put the two pieces together with a simple screw. The great thing about these hangers is that the hooks spin so you can rotate and being able to see all hanging items easily. They hold a good amount of weight as well.

My husband already has a large hanger for ties so I have claimed these as my own and I hang scarves, belts and accessories from them. I just have a walk-in closet and don’t have a dresser so some items like bras are difficult to keep organized on my shelves. I hang them up on here! These can really become a versatile piece in your closet organization. They are working great for me! Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest opinion.


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