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We all want the gifts we give to look beautiful clean and crisp every time, but it’s nearly impossible when your wrapping papers are stored like this! But not anymore, Discover Wrap iT – The World’s Greatest Gift Wrap Organizer! Hang it in your closet or Slide it under your bed. Wrap iT is your ultimate gift wrap storage solution! Wrap It holds an unbelievable amount of items in it’s amazing front pockets. Hold dozens of gift bags – greeting cards – tissue paper – scissors – tape and bows. Stack items up, slip them in, and hang your Wrap iT in your closet, or slide your Wrap iT under your bed. The real magic is on the inside, Wrap iT’s patent pending “Wraplastic” ring system, allows you to
easily remove and use your wrapping paper in seconds, and putting rolls away is just as simple. Just insert at the top, insert at the bottom, twist the roll over and your wrapping paper is perfectly stored neat and clean every time! Also hold – rulers – markers – glue sticks – coloring books – large gift bags – and so much more! Even jumbo gift bags fit with ease. Just zip it up, hang it up, or slid it under your bed. All your items are stored, organized, protected, and in one spot Get control of your messy closet! Never run around your home again searching for missing items to wrap a gift. Reduce your stress – make your life simpler – order your Wrap iT NOW.

Wrap iT – The World’s Greatest Gift Wrap Organizer


See More of the Wrap iT in Action:

The Best Gift Wrap Storage – Wrap iT Gift Wrap Organizer Photo shoot Behind the scenes Video – http://youtu.be/P_8LBsAtcMQ

The Best Gift Wrap Organizer – Wrap iT – Hanging Gift Wrap Storage Solution – http://youtu.be/751RPykGr5I

Wrap iT – The Best Gift Wrap Storage Organizer – http://youtu.be/QvAhqFZArLY




  1. Adam Levine

    Thank you +RedWhiteandBlueHome I appreciate you saying the kind words!!  And you are correct!!  It's awesome to transport.  Not that any people have the need but we do a big gift wrap with a local charity around the holiday time and boy does it make life easier!!  Nice to meet you ;D

  2. RedWhiteandBlueHome

    Wow!  that looks so cool! I think it would be great to have and it would keep it all very nice. It would also move very easy b/c as an Army wife we move a lot. It would just go in the truck and be there in one piece.

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