Dining Room Organizing Ideas

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In this video I show you on how I organize all of my party supplies and paper goods in my buffet cabinet in the dining room!


31 thoughts on “Dining Room Organizing Ideas

  1. Alejandra you are the first person who made me enjoy organizing my house. everything is easier to clean because they have their own place, i don't lose my items anymore. you are really a big help. i hope you will continue making more videos. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas with us.

  2. Hi I love your videos so much that I am taking detailed notes on each one! Wonderful ideas – thank you! Question – I loved your buffet so much I checked Ikea and found one that seems the same. My question is – space wise do you think this buffet could accommodate things like dessert plates and dinner plates that are china and stoneware? I don't have an ikea near me so would have to order online and I found it hard to picture the storage space. Also another question – Do you have things like serving platters, stoneware or china type plates and glasses for entertaining and if so where do you store those? I am looking for a storage solution for that type thing hence all the questions here. I also had a question on storing cookbooks and was wondering if you had any solutions for that? Thanks again for your wonderful videos – I am learning so much!

  3. Alejandra, can I ask you where do you store your elegant china and fancy silverware for guests? I thought I'd see some in this video but it's more every day stuff. Just curious because I am planning on getting a buffet and actually need it for our formal dining room to store all the nicer entertaining items. So I was just curious on how you store those types of things since they're not here. Thanks!

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