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Marie Kondo: The 3 Steps to Her “KonMari” Method

19 thoughts on “Marie Kondo: The 3 Steps to Her “KonMari” Method

  1. Ss her methods are great but they can only work on somebody who is ready for them and ready for change. They won't work on a hoarder because they will hold everything and declare it brings them joy.

  2. The thing I struggle with is tools and materials. They don't exactly spark joy, but I know I'll regret it if I give them away then realise I need them for something soon after.

  3. The philosophy of keeping only what brings you joy is a basic life lesson for all areas of your life, and not just your environment. And looking more closely at everything in your life, looking more deeply, also is a wise tenement. I have decluttered my life and home, and it is liberating. There is a Japanese proverb: The more you have, the heavier your burdens will be. Why must we own things to feel good? Walk outside and appreciate nature. No one owns nature, and yet it brings us immense joy!

  4. This interpreter is AWESOME! Love Mari's method, although it's nothing complex, but I love her gentle and firm approach. The interpreter is enthusiastic, she adds to the workshop, this is the best interpreter Mari had so far. Well Done!

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