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The Best Gift Wrap Organizer – Wrap iT – Hanging Gift Wrap Storage Solution

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http://boutique.wrapitgiftbag.com/ – Purchase a Wrap iT from this link.

The Worlds Greatest Gift Wrap Storage Organizer!!!

Stylish, sleek and sexy – the Wrap iT disappears in your closet, storing, organizing and protecting your gift wrap collection.

The Wrap iT is out of the box ready to hold wrapping paper rolls, gift bags, gift boxes, bows, scissors, tissue paper, cellophane wrap and ribbons…etc.

See More of the Wrap iT in Action:

Wrap iT – The Best Gift Wrap Storage Organizer Commercial – http://youtu.be/sFLn4cNXPZs

The Best Gift Wrap Storage – Wrap iT Gift Wrap Organizer Photo shoot Behind the scenes Video – http://youtu.be/P_8LBsAtcMQ

Wrap iT – The Best Gift Wrap Storage Organizer – http://youtu.be/QvAhqFZArLY




Dining Room Organizing Ideas

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In this video I show you organizing ideas on how I organize all of my party supplies and paper goods in my buffet cabinet in the dining room!



Scarf Organizer – $14 with FREE Shipping!

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BUY HERE: http://shop.halfoffdeals.com/index.php?index_type=promo-detail&pid=700885

You’re never one to ignore the latest fashions, and since scarves are in right now, you’ve got a whole closet full. Keep them organized with this super cute scarf organizer! Shaped like a flower, it has plenty of compartments to store your scarves from every season. Equipped with a hanger, it stores neatly in your closet so your scarves are handy right when you need them. Organize your wardrobe with this cute accessory today!



Kitchen Organization Ideas & Kitchen Tour – MissLizHeart

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Hi loves! Today I’m sharing a kitchen tour with you! I’m sharing how I organize my pots and pans, dishes, cups and Tupperware. I also have a few organization hacks. Don’t forget to THUMBS UP this video if you enjoyed it!

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❤ My Meal Prep Routine https://youtu.be/SMU3KWUnf2U?list=PLgCNVjLU37VMJ5AQjwsRbJ1Uax-gyACRU
❤ All About My Braces https://youtu.be/jcxfls3ATR4?list=PLgCNVjLU37VMJ5AQjwsRbJ1Uax-gyACRU

Kitchen Organization Videos:
-Spices Organization https://youtu.be/SxXmzNW-5jA?list=PLgCNVjLU37VMJ5AQjwsRbJ1Uax-gyACRU
-Pantry Organization https://youtu.be/L4pkEEGzAoo?list=PLgCNVjLU37VMJ5AQjwsRbJ1Uax-gyACRU

*How I get cash back when I shop online http://bit.ly/1NeJMrJ

Kitchen Organizers
-Tea bag organizer
-Chrome Corner self for cups and plates http://go.magik.ly/ml/j3i/
-Large dish shelf http://go.magik.ly/ml/j3g/
-Small Coffee Cup shelf http://go.magik.ly/ml/j3h/
-Cutting board organizer http://go.magik.ly/ml/j3j/
-Pot and Tupperware lid roll out organizer http://go.magik.ly/ml/j3k/
-Pot & Pans organizer http://go.magik.ly/ml/j3l/
-Modular silverware organizer http://go.magik.ly/ml/j3m/
-Bambooo silverware organizer http://go.magik.ly/ml/j3n/

Other things seen in this video
-Nespresso Machine http://rstyle.me/n/bqg4js9vde
-Counter Stools http://rstyle.me/n/bqg5a99vde
-Tea Pot http://rstyle.me/n/bqg44z9vde
-Checkered Canister http://rstyle.me/n/bqg4599vde

~What I’m Wearing~
❤ FitBit http://go.magik.ly/ml/j3f/

~Current Savings~
❤ BarkBox -Nala’s favorite monthly subscription! – We both get a free bark box if you sign up using my referral code ‘NalasLife’ or my link https://barkbox.com/r/HVHLHE9SG5

❤ Luxury For Princess Extensions
I wear the 280g 24″ in the color Jet Black
For a discount enter ‘LIZHEART’ at checkout 🙂 http://luxuryforprincess.com/en/


❤ Camera http://go.magik.ly/ml/wd/
❤ Editing Software http://go.magik.ly/ml/wh/
❤ Lights http://go.magik.ly/ml/wg/
❤ Tripod http://go.magik.ly/ml/we/
❤ Mic http://go.magik.ly/ml/wf/

Hi everyone! Welcome to my channel, my name is Liz. You can expect to see a Lifestyle video every Sunday, anything from Home Decor to Recipes, Organization, Travel and Tags. On weekdays I upload Beauty and Fashion Related videos which include Makeup Tutorials, Reviews, GRWM, Night and Morning Routines. My channel is divided into 3 playlists, I hope that you find it easy to navigate, stay a while, and hit that subscribe button!

xo Liz

Lets Connect on Social Media
❤ My Blog: http://misslizheart.com
❤ Instagram: https://instagram.com/misslizheart/
❤ Twitter: https://twitter.com/misslizheart
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❤ Snapchat @MissLizHeart

Business email: misslizheart(at)gmail.com

Thank you for watching! Not sponsored. My sisters and mom watch my videos and, just like you, they rely on my opinion. I would never recommend a product that I don’t use AND love, it would be like giving a bad recommendation to my own family! Some links are affiliated through a third party (usually those beginning with rstyle.me) and I earn a percentage of the sales, so thank you in advance if you decide to make your purchase through them.

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Updates + Q&A l LifewithLin

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Hi everyone! Today i just wanted to give you all a little update and see if you had any questions for me. If you do, make sure to comment them down below or tweet me them! Thanks for watching! 🙂

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LifewithLin_
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/lifewithlin

My First Vlog: https://youtu.be/E5gmz6XLWYU

How To Cut Your Own Hair / Minimalist Haircut: https://youtu.be/KSuVQiJsmZs

What’s On My iPhone 6s / Minimalist App Organization: https://youtu.be/ZS7rYAznfME

Minimalist Shoe Collection: https://youtu.be/YUY2jAkda7Q

Minimalism Closet Declutter / Steps To Minimize Your Wardrobe: https://youtu.be/PbhWO1iAxOI

Minimal Makeup Routine: https://youtu.be/NVJk-Z8vGJQ

Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. I purchased all products by myself and all opinions shared in this video are my own. 🙂 Also, I apologize for the quality of the video, it was filmed on my iphone.



Find Hidden Storage… Behind Doors | Clutter Video Tip

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http://www.ClutterDiet.com Get organized with home organizing tips from professional organizers at The Clutter Diet. Do you feel like every inch of your space is being utilized and still there’s not enough? Have you run out of drawers and shelves and counters? In this video Lorie Marrero is sharing one of her favorite places for storage- doors! Following these strategies will give you more visible, usable space. These Clutter Video Tips are posted frequently here on our clutterdiet organizing channel. You can search Twitter for also to find comments on our organizing tips. Lorie Marrero is the creator of ClutterDiet.com and the author of The Clutter Diet: The Skinny on Organizing Your Home and Taking Control of Your Life. Lorie also serves as the national spokesperson for Goodwill Industries International and ambassador of the Donate Movement.

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How to organize your room with The Clutter Diet®


Don’t Make a Move Without This…


Hi. I’m Lorie Marrero, creator of the Clutter Diet book and on-line program, and today I’m going to share with you one of my best hidden storage secrets. Now, we talk about going vertical a lot when we’re looking for storage. So we’re usually talking about a wall where we’re trying to put some cabinets or shelves and we’re going vertical up that wall. But what most people haven’t thought about is that the back of a door is really another wall space that you have available for you [POP]. So it’s a blank canvas for you for storage.

Here I’m standing next to our pantry door where I have glued on some tiles that allow me to use this as a bulletin board. So we pin up little notices and things, some quick reference information [POP] for our family here. But this is so useful, if I didn’t have as large of a pantry as I happened to have in this home, I would definitely be using the back of this door for a big pantry wrack like you see here. So you can have lots of boxes and cans on that, and it really expands your storage. If you Google “over door storage” or “over the door storage,” you will find tons of products that are made specifically for using on the back of a door. And really most of them don’t even require installation. A lot of them have been designed to hook over the top of the door so you don’t even have to use any tools.

One of the best uses of the back of a door is these simple shoe pockets. These are so versatile. They’re made for shoes, but you can use them for almost anything. Here I’m showing what we did in our Women’s Day reader Linda’s home, “Hi Linda,” in Michigan, for our Project Declutter [POP] series. And we have her home office where she’s got lots of things she uses to make greeting cards for her home-based business. So all of the things you see in these shoe pockets are hole punches, different, various kinds of decorative punches, for these greeting cards. You can put Barbie dolls in them, you can put all kinds of kids toys and knickknacks, as well as shoes, or mittens, or gloves, whatever fits in these pockets. But you can see what incredible storage this earns for you with a simple installation of hooks over the door.

So another over-the-door thing is just hooks. So you can hang anything you want on the back of the door. I have a product I really love here that I’m showing that’s called “The Hinge It,” and I find that builders usually don’t put towel wracks in, in an adequate way, and you usually need more towel space for hanging in a bathroom. So this goes behind the door of maybe your water closet in your bathroom and you can hide away some of the towels that you’re trying to hang up and dry. And you can hang your bathrobe on a hook on the back of a door, lots of different things. You can hang jewelry organizers, I can go on and on.

Here’s a picture of our Woman’s Day reader Pam in Project Declutter, her closet where we have her scarves that we’re showing, and she got visibility to her whole scarf collection, so she can see that when she opens the door. Again, it’s like having a whole other wall space. So she has that whole collection whenever she’s choosing one of her favorites. She loves scarves, as you can see. So, again, Google “over the door,” you’re going to find all kinds of solutions. And if you need help with your storage space, we can help you with that. Seven days a week we have a team of professional organizers on-line helping our members in the Message Board area of our Membership site. And that is done for about the price of a pizza. We are directly consulting with you with your personal questions. You can upload photos and show us what’s going on in your space, and we help you get unstuck. You can find out more at http://www.clutterdiet.com/learnmore.

See you next time, and may you always be happy and grateful for having more than enough.



Car Organization Ideas

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In this car organization video I give you ideas on how to organize your car and all of the car organizing systems I have setup inside mine! Plus, I show you how I setup my diy car emergency kit and everything to prepare in it.

I hope you enjoy the video!


Products Used: (Some links are affiliate links)

Trunk Caddy: http://www.kmart.com/craftsman-12-in-tool-totes-pink/p-010W003326021000P?prdNo=36&blockNo=36&blockType=G36

Car Duster: https://www.dollartree.com/household/cleaning/cleaning-tools/Scrub-Buddies-Microfiber-Chenille-Dusters/500c501c508p296581/index.pro?method=search

Ice Scraper: https://www.alejandra.tv/recommends/ice-scraper/

Flare Light: https://www.alejandra.tv/recommends/led-flare/

First Aid Organizer: https://www.alejandra.tv/recommends/travel-first-aid-box/

Life Hammer: https://www.alejandra.tv/recommends/emergency-hammer/

Cord Organizer (Pink Macaron): https://www.alejandra.tv/recommends/cool-cord-wraps/

Emergency Water in a Can: https://www.alejandra.tv/recommends/emergency-water/

Emergency Water in a Glass Bottle: https://www.vosswater.com/

Collapsible Pet Bowl: https://www.alejandra.tv/recommends/travel-bowl/

Uni Jetstream 0.7 Rainbow Pens: http://www.jetpens.com/Uni-Jetstream-Color-Ballpoint-Pens/ct/1505

Vera Bradley Cosmetic Bag in Middle Console (Color is Baroque): http://www.verabradley.com/product/medium-cosmetic/pixie-blooms/154807_201009.uts?Nr=AND%28Content+Type%3Aproduct%29&Ntt=medium+cosmetic

Vera Bradley Duffel Bag in Trunk (Color is Sun Valley): http://www.verabradley.com/product/ditty-bag/canterberry-magenta/154782_182506.uts

Coupon Organizer Video: http://www.alejandra.tv/blog/2012/12/video-coupon-organization-binder/