30 thoughts on “My Experience Tidying with KonMari: Clothes | Marie Kondo & The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”

  1. I used to have about 200 pairs of shoes, now I'm down to 90 something. I just added 5 of them to my everday shoepile. I did this for the first time in this summer season and was actually able to wear about 7 pairs to their death.

  2. I just went through all my clothes, shoes and bags earlier today. I've moved a lot as an adult, so I didn't have that much to begin with, but I still managed to donate or throw out more than half, probably closer to two thirds, because I had so much stuff I felt obligated to keep but didn't love. The KonMari book is amazing, and your videos in this series were very helpful, thanks!

  3. Okay where did you find pink trash bags ?!! I started my journey 4 months ago because my wardrobe was literally stressing me out. I owned so much clothes, shoes, purses, coats, sweaters, jackets & jewelry. Once I got going it became easier. At 1st it was so hard for me to part with alot, especially the items that still had tags!! I am still on my journey ? but as I come across videos on youtube I find it is truly what I WANT to do vs feeling like I should – if this makes sense to anyone.

  4. I went threw clothes and shoes, oh accessories in one week. we took two carload to donations and a bunch thrown out. I have a problem not throwing suits out my husband bought me. but I have only a small closet of clothes. Now that the season is changing, I feel the erge to get rid of more. it feels so good to get rid of stuff.

  5. I agree that tidying up your clothes does not take a few days haha I planned to finished my closet organization and tidiness within this week but still procrastinate with so many clothes and clothing items to go through along with other things to do already planned too. But, watching this is not delaying my tidying up instead it's inspiring me! Thank you so much in sharing your journey!

  6. "thank you for giving me so much joy while you're with me. thank you for making me beautiful." literally say this to some of my stuff that i want to donate :") for me it's hard to let something that full of memories, but after i finally can let it go i feel great

  7. I would love to see you do a hip hop number. I completely understand about the shoes. I am yet to tackle mine. I have not quite 80 pairs but I do have about 50. Most I do not wear.

  8. Thank you for sharing your journey. I have just finished my clothes category too and in my case I threw out 1 big garbage bag and donated one other. I don't own that many clothes, so it was not so much about how much I have threw out (even though I have to admit that I was still impressed how much stuff I did get rid off – 2 huge bags are no so bad :-), but more about the feeling of positive energy coming into my home because now I have only the stuff I really like or really need 🙂 Things got clear and neat in my closet and at the same time in my head and that was a really nice surprise. Hope you did well with the rest of the categories, it takes time but KonMari method is worth it :-)

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