My KonMari Method by Marie Kondo Declutter & Organzing Home Makeover Before and After

#Before and #After from my #KonMari Method by #Marie Kondo. I clean out, organize and #declutter my home studio office, clothing closet, kitchen, bathroom and jewelry!

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40 thoughts on “My KonMari Method by Marie Kondo Declutter & Organzing Home Makeover Before and After”

  1. This is a pleasant video. You are a very nice person. I recently stumbled upon Konmari method on YouTube and her folding method is life-changing. And it´s true, you start to appreciate your belongings more when you have less of them. Living in the center of the city (shops everywhere), I have had accumulated so much stuff – clothes, cosmetics, accessories, shoes… Since I discovered minimalism for myself, I tend to buy less and more consiously. I am dowsizing things that I own to a reasonable amount. Yes, I love stuff, I will never have too little and it´s good to have a nice collection to choose from. My bathroom shelves are full with products, as yours, and I am happy to use products up and have no need to buy so much ever again. Only what I need on a daily basis. People all over Internet are telling that they feel much lighter as they let things go. Greetings from Germany

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience and posting the before and after pix. I enjoyed your positive energy and comments about the unexpected gifts it has brought to you. I just started the method, and for me, clothes were easy, but books! Whew! Still working on that one.

  3. "Don't let your parents see what's in your bag.", OMGGGGGG!!! So TRUE!!! My mom always says, "why are you throwing that away??" … mind you, im 35 and she hasn't bought any clothes for me since I was a child!! But it's like she has an emotional attachment to stuff that I bought! ?

  4. Greetings from the UK. So happy to have come across your video and love your friendly style!… Your home looks fantastic, I'm very much inspired to do the same xx P.S. I really love the pantings in your office, super cute x

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