Marie Kondo Spark Joy Book | KonMari 8 Key Ideas

As promised, here are the eight key ideas or concepts that I took away from the first part of ‘s latest book, . These ideas elaborate on points made in reference to the within, and strategy for achieving organization using Ms Kondo’s suggestions.


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  1. wow .. the statements about the feeling of objects such as metal, wood, fabric! My hubby is a semi-retired mechanic (works from home), who also does bodywork on vehicles and is a farmboy (read: tractor in the yard and a big … HUGE veggie garden, also two new head of beef scheduled for late fall slaughter). We are also in the (very) slow process of renovating our home. TOOLS are everywhere!! STUFF is everywhere. Three adults (my elderly mum lives with us, she is a hoarder) = laundry EVERY day without fail, which I can more or less handle, it has become routine. But the TOOLS!! arggggggg!!! EVERY room has tools in it .. I feel like I am going to lose my mind.

  2. What does her book say about hobby items? I am planning to start the Konmari method in Sept. I live with my parents and my bedroom is split between a normal bedroom and a craft room. I want to tidy my craft area and I don't know what category that would fall under. Most likely mementos, but I am a card maker so I have A LOT of paper. Any ideas, thoughts, or suggestions? I am planning on getting Spark Joy. I just want to know before hand if the second book would clarify this for me. Thanks.

  3. Wow, she has it spot on with that point about not putting the 'unsure' items away in a box and instead putting them out where you see them frequently. Makes a lot of sense!

  4. Totally! Yes! My biggest ah-ha was definitely the part in the book that you mentioned that clutter is not rebound. Amen to that! I read it at a time when I was really questioning myself and was in the middle of the process so my house was nuts! Especially having two little ones who love getting all of their toys out to play with in the middle of my purging haha :)

  5. I LOVE ur vids! The pics of your family….amazing…..sooooo adorable. (I, myself have 4 children two cats and a dogm and an ex husband…that wont leave.) So – theres a lot on my plate.  BUT – I think your house is sooo beautiful. Keepup the great vids – and much health and success – to you and yours this year. Rock on

  6. I know it's hard to not be critical of yourself. I think we as women do that way too much. Is there a way to keep the stray sweater off the couch, or make the dog pick up it's toys, or keep the Legos out of the bathtub? No, because we live with families, and families are fun and silly and boisterous and unpredictable and human! These are the reasons we prefer families over a set of fancy vases, right? Sure, the vases will probably stay in order and not toss their flowers all around the house, but they don't make us laugh, either. I think the key is to have a place for everything – even MOST things, if we are able to give ourselves some slack – and strive to get most of the things into the right spot most of the time. Kids, husbands, and dogs are always going to keep things interesting. Sometimes they help, and sometimes they wreak havoc. I think the best thing about Konmari is that once we have purged and created that space, it eliminates that sanity-stealing, eternal question of, "What am I going to do with all of this stuff?" Once we establish the place, or the system, it's only a matter of maintenance. Just like humans, there are different intervals to maintenance. Some things are done daily (showering), while some are once a week (nails, perhaps) and some only every month or two (haircuts.) Don't worry… the hot spots will make themselves obvious, and the rest will recede until you have more time. The hardest part is done. It's time to enjoy the rewards of your efforts! =)

  7. Thank you for this! It certainly makes more sense now. I am loving how your videos always inspire me 🙂 And you have a lovely home and a lovely family ! Cheers xoxo

  8. I'm about half way through the Spark Joy audiobook and LOVING IT! Definitely going to pick up a physical copy for future reference. Really like her idea of a power spot. When that time comes, mine will be in the kitchen, too. All eight points you mention are important ones! Well, time for me to get back to tidying! Have a great day, Janine. Thanks for another useful video!

  9. Hey hun, haven't read either books but its interesting watching your review of them, a lot of it makes a lot of sense, one thing I have to say I have a pretty tidy hubby, he knows not to just leave towels on the floor, shoes everywhere, etc, I will not be picking them up simple, I may be his wife but I am not his skivvy,, some I know like go round after there otherhalves and pickup after them, absolulty not, I do all my housework as I am at home and he goes out to work, but if it is a shared thing then and it works for you fine, I agree 100% with the purging by category just doing my bedroom, and its at the moment in my dining room, so whilst clearing my wardrobes had a good sort out which felt really good, and I found things I had forgotten about,   I love your enthusiasm, about both books, as I say a lot of it is common sense,  thanks for the update,  keep well xx

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