9 thoughts on “Marie Kondo’s Magical Tidying Tips | Test Drive | TODAY”

  1. This video is awesome, but why is the reporter not namechecked?!! The only reference to her is on the back of the shirt ("Hartenstein" she's throwing out?!) C'mon NBC, isnt this a little rude to your staff? No mention in the description or onscreen?

  2. In My Opinion nobody has to say that she is Japanese.  People already know!  Nevertheless, the woman is a genius.  I got rid of so much stuff, it felt great.

  3. hey today show very misleading(also sort of depressing on the part of the person who is doing this segment…rob lowe…sparks joy..okay.)  to write my struggle by karl ove knausgaard as trash. that is not the line of thinking marie kondo means for…

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