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10 of Marie Kondo’s best tips of all-time, tested and implemented by me in my home. Do you want to learn how to put your space in order once and for all? Do you want to get familiar with the best organization tips from Marie Kondo? Please watch my new video “10 genius ideas of MARIE KONDO for ideal home” and write down in the comment section, which of these ideas you already use at your space.

Question of the day:
Which ideas of Marie Kondo do you use in your home?

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Do you want to start at a certain point? No problem!
00:37 – 10. First declutter, then organize
01:23 – 9. Tidy up by category, not by location
01:56 – 8. Every item needs a home
02:34 – 7. A new way of hanging
03:25 – 6. Organize things by size
04:06 – 5. Store items based on the frequency of use
04:52 – 4. Vertical storage
05:52 – 3. Use clear boxes to store your stuff
06:35 – 2. Remove labels where possible
07:18 – 1. Only keep items that ‘spark joy’

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  1. Hi friends, in today's video I am sharing with you the best ideas ot the KonMari method that changed my life! For those who are not familiar with this method: The KonMari method is a system of organizing your home by determining what brings you joy. If you like this video, please like 🙂 Please subscribe if you are new for more organization, decluttering and cleaning videos 🙂

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