I Marie Kondo my LIPSTICKS… Did it work?

♥ A few weeks ago, I used the KonMarie method to declutter my closet and the results were pretty incredibe! Although I got rid of half my clothes, I am so happy with everything that I own because I genuinely LOVE and wear everything. So I thought, why not try the same method for my makeup collection? Here’s me starting off with my lipsticks!

Do you like the video? hate it? Let me know!

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39 thoughts on “I Marie Kondo my LIPSTICKS… Did it work?”

  1. You had 65 NUDE lipsticks, give or take a couple. One question: HOW!!! How many colors are nude? I hope this exercise made you think about your consumption. You're on the right path. Don't add anymore.

  2. Omg Arshia you had so many lipsticks! I'm allergic to some common ingredients in regular lipsticks so at the moment I only have 1 (red) that barely even use. I'm the queen of the balm 💄

  3. I literally did this yesterday without watching this or even knowing about this. It happened after I spent money on new lipstick that I DONT NEED!!!. I have so much make up! And for what? I had an intervention with myself last night.

    I have nothing against this influencer lifestyle this is your job and what you do. But seriously this is not realistic or practical to live life with all this unnecessary shit. It literally does not improve a persons life to have like 50 shades of lipstick or 50 brands of foundation for one face. There’s no logic. And it’s a WASTE OF MONEY!! That could have gone towards an investment. I’m over this life.

    Sorry for saying this on your page. It’s not you. You’re on the right path I think🤷🏽‍♀️

  4. Wastage of money , time … instead of buying this much lipsticks do help the needy ones with ur money..if u r in that position …these seems so foolish of u buying..a tons of lipsticks more than 80%of these lipsticks are not going to be used also..they wll jst get expired by keeping in ur closet.

    Pls dont waste ur money..help the poor people…instead..if u are privileged enough .

  5. I know we’re getting rid of stuff buuuut can you review Charlotte Tilbury’s new Super Model lipstick collection?
    The shades look amazing and right up your alley. If you have any dupes, that’s great too.

  6. Girl, you still have 223 lipsticks! 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️ I did a huge Marie Kondo of my makeup collection early last year and have consistently been doing it every time I add new makeup to my collection. 😬😊 This was fun to watch. 👍🏻

  7. I'm not against you Arshia, but I've begun to believe that every youtuber out there doesn't understand the term "wastage"… All of you waste a lot, for the sake of views, subscribers or money, you all waste a lot.

  8. Hi sweetie I’m a new subscriber and I like your two videos that I have seen of you. I wanted to ask if you can do a Q&A video about yourself and likes and dislikes.

  9. Holy wow! 396 is staggering. I know some/most? of those are probably free from sponsorships but dang, that is a lot of $$$$. I have about 10 lip colors in total and I get worried that I am being too excessive. I won't feel bad about my minuscule collection now!

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