I Tried The Marie Kondo Method And This Happened…

for today’s video, I spent FIVE HOURS using the Marie Kondo method to organize and sort through ALL of my clothes. shockingly, it didn’t feel that long but ended in complete satisfaction. enjoy!



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48 thoughts on “I Tried The Marie Kondo Method And This Happened…”

  1. You’re the first person I’ve watched that has tried this method and successfully tackled their closet in one go and really followed through with the whole shabang. Yay!:)

  2. you have enought cloths and shoes.you can't handle that much at the same time. So why buy so much? so that you can show that you have a lot? I'm not like that. I have been doing the konmarie style for two and a half years now. It has brought me a lot. every year through cupboards, garage and all the rooms, I started to live smaller in a house in which I feel much nicer. with a much larger garden. I wanted that for so long. My stuff from the past, hobbies, memories my old beloved company that I have canceled. all I can no longer do or want is gone. I now live in the here and now. No more in the past with those things.

  3. Not into the konmari method. I used a different method in 2017 and downsized my closet to 38 items of clothing (no dresser). I have maintained that for almost 2 years through all 4 seasons (Canada).

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