KonMari Method | Mairi Kondo Folding – Baby Clothing

Easy to follow demonstration of how to use Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method for folding baby clothes including a sleeper, diaper or onesie shirt and pants.
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13 thoughts on “KonMari Method | Mairi Kondo Folding – Baby Clothing”

  1. It is not a diaper shirt. It’s a VEST. Sorry but that really annoyed me lol. Also you called your video Marie kondo method of folding baby clothes – she doesn’t fold baby clothes like that.

  2. Thank you so much for this. I am 6 months pregnant and am trying to be as organized as possible. I just tried folding our daughter’s newborn pants and it looks great. Thank you so much for this video. Just subscribed to your channel. Can’t wait to see your other videos. Thanks!

  3. This was so interesting to watch! As always I enjoy your videos. Thank you. I have been folding my baby's clothes a little differently than your method but, with similar results. For baby socks I usually lay one sock right on top of the other. Then, fold them in half one time and place them in a small box in a drawer. For bibs I tuck the neck part in and fold one time and stack them in a row in another little box. Having little separators or boxes (I have used lids or bottoms from packages) is helping me have a place for all of my son's clothes. It is kind of therapeutic to fold baby clothes haha.

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