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Today I am doing a huge Konmari Closet Declutter and Makeover! I am getting rid of so much to downsize for our move. Come Clean, Declutter, Organize and Makeover my closet with me today! I am also super excited to be doing this video as a collab with the sweet Amy Darley, so make sure you go watch her video next!
Amy’s Video

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45 thoughts on “Marie Kondo Closet Organization EXTREME MAKEOVER | DIY & Declutter With Me | Momma From Scratch”

  1. I read the KonMari book and watched her netflix show. I must admit I don't get it. My closet is overflowing because it's tiny and I share with my husband. I wear everything in my closet but have two seasons. Spring/ summer and fall/ winter. Not everything sparks joy as a matter of fact nothing does. Necessities don't have to. For me its are they comfy, neat, clean, fit well, and occasion appropriate. I don't buy things I don't like to begin with. I do need to do some spring cleaning and culling of stuff I no longer need througout my home but getting rid of useful items is wasteful and I just don't agree with her. I love my home and I am definitely not a minimalist .

  2. I’ve gotta say, I’ve watched hundreds of these closet declutter videos (I’ve had OCD with cleaning and organizing since I was a toddler, no joke) and even comparing/contrasting her with girls doing this with higher end closets, she did DAMN GOOD! Like, smack in the face you can SEE the difference!!! THIS is how it’s done people!!! Not like oh I got rid of a few things then made a rainbow out of my clothes and put them right back in or oh I bought bins and threw everything in there. This is VERY DIFFERENT compared to the before!!! AMAZING JOB!!!!

  3. Way to #konmari your closet! It turned out great! Can’t wait to watch you Kon Mari your place! It recently completed my home and it was the best decision I ever made! Moving will be so much easier when your done- I agree! Loving your channel!

  4. Great job! Do you not wear scarves… I have a hard time with storage for scarves because I need to see them or I won't wear them.. Ugh!! LOL…. Good luck with all the moving stuff….exciting times!

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